GTA 5: grass-secret hiding places – here you will find the cars for Barry

GTA 5 does not live by its open world and the long-running story, but also has numerous side missions at hand, which also keep you for hours in line. In the side missions "grass roots" you have to find different grass-secret hiding places. The orders will receive it by Barry, the missions must be completed with Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

GTA 5: grass-secret hiding places - here you will find the cars for Barry

In the first Barry missions you have in a drug-induced dealing with various creatures that need to be tackled. While the grass leads Trevor and Michael hallucinations, Franklin is completely unimpressed by Barry marijuana. Barry nevertheless submitted Franklin after a smoker strike will be organized in front of the town hall a proposal. Franklin agrees and will have in the next mission, "Grass Roots - The pick up" a car with grass pick from a secret hiding place. Here you learn where this grass-secret hiding place can be found on the map in Los Santos.

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GTA 5: grass-secret hiding 1 &# 8211; &Grass roots; # 8220 &# 8211; the pick-up&# 8221;

In the first real Barry mission with Franklin you have to find a loaded with drugs Truck.

  • Once the mission is active, two green circles on the map can be found.
  • You can find the drug truck in the northern of the two circled areas.
  • Once you are in close proximity to the target vehicle, a blue dot in the green circle.
  • This is a little vices in the wood camp near El Rancho Avenue, Murrieta Heights.
  • The car is monitored by the police.
  • Upon entering the truck, you will receive two star wanted rating. Get rid of the star and bring the charge back to Barry after Vespucci.


GTA 5: grass-secret hiding 2 &# 8211; &Grass roots; # 8220 &# 8211; in tow&# 8221 ;: Where is the towing car?

In the next mission of Barry, "grass roots - In the wake of" you have to find grass with Franklin secret hiding places.

  • Here, too, two green circles on the map will be displayed again.
  • Ride in the southern district.
  • You can find the car in the junkyard in La Puerta, Alta Street.
  • Due to an engine failure, however, you can not continue with it.
  • In the immediate vicinity you find a wrecker.

gta 5-gras-secret hiding-

  • Rising from the broken-down vehicle, run to the vast hall opposite, and keep you on the right to find the tow truck.
  • The video can you see exactly where the car is and where to find the tow truck.
  • Rises there and hitched to the drug car to deliver it to Barry.

After you have delivered both drug charges, get her a short time later a text message from Barry. The smoke strike at City Hall can now begin. Will you come to the town hall, there is however different from what they had hoped ...

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