Insert Arrow in Word: How it works

In Word you can insert an arrow in several ways. There are different arrow variants that have different characteristics. We show you how you can put an arrow into Word.

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In Microsoft Word, you can insert in various ways arrows. We show you the fastest.

Insert Arrow in Word: Follow Arrow

If you want to insert a consequence arrow in Word makes the following:

  1. pushes the &# 8220; - key&# 8221 ;, to set a hyphen.
  2. then press the left shift key and the button located to the right of it &# 8220;>&# 8221 ;.
  3. This you have now written the following ->
  4. When you now press the spacebar or Enter, Word formats the arrow automatically in a follow-arrow: Word Arrow

Note: If Word does not make the auto formatting, you must activate the AutoCorrect in Word.

No arrow appears: Enable Word AutoCorrect

If you can not insert a consequence arrow, you must make an AutoCorrect settings:

  1. Copies of this icon: Word Arrow
  2. Click the Word window in the top left to the Microsoft icon.
  3. Select Word Options, document checking, AutoCorrect Options.

    Word: Here you have to create an arrow AutoCorrect.Word: Here you have to create an arrow AutoCorrect.

  4. Give the Replace box, type: &# 8211;>,
  5. Paste the copied arrow into the field by one.

The steps above are applied to Word 2007. In other versions may cause slight variations. Here you learn how you can turn on the Word AutoCorrect and off.

Insert Arrow in Word: Select form

The following procedure you can choose from a variety of arrow types:

  1. Click the tab on the Insert button shapes.
  2. Showing you several arrow types for lines and block arrows.

    Word: quot Under &; quot shapes &; takes her several arrows to choose from.Word: Under &# 8220; forming&# 8221; takes her several arrows to choose from.

  3. Click on the appropriate arrow to insert it.
  4. then pulls the arrow in the Word document as you would have it. the shift key presses to align for example, precisely vertically or horizontally.
  5. Now you can edit the symbol.
  6. For this, the arrow must be selected so that the top of the concept drawing tools appear in the Word window. In addition, the tab format is selected.
  7. Among other things, there are the following options:
    • fill Color
    • shadow effects
    • 3-D effects
    • position
    • font Size
  8. The length of the arrow and its orientation can you subsequently continue to change in the indicated corners of the form.

Insert arrow symbolizing

Alternatively, you can create an arrow via Symbol:

  1. Click on the top tab Paste.
  2. Selects the icon button and select the arrow of your choice from.

use shortcut to arrow

You can also use shortcut by an arrow in Word:

  1. the Alt key down and typed right of the number pad on the 1, then on the 6. This produces an aligned right arrow ►
  2. The left justified version gets her if you hold down the Alt key and pressing the right of the number pad on the 1 and then the 7 ◄


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