Delete Lovoo account – away with the own profile!

Dating apps like Lovoo, Tinder and Co. there are a dime a dozen. Do you have a bad experience with Lovoo made or do you have problems with fake profiles? Who would not want to be part of the network Flirt longer can easily delete their account or their own profile. How this works through the browser and through the app, we'll show you in this guide.

Delete Lovoo account - away with the own profile!

In the free flirt and dating app Lovoo to singles romp around the world and you can search using the radar Flirt chat partner. financed Lovoo a freemium model. This means that although you can use free of charge the basic functions, but some special features are available only for real money. Do you want to spend no Lovoo credit more and looking for alternative apps to meet people, you can delete the browser or remove your profile in the app your Lovoo account.

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Of course if you Lovoo no longer want to use or could you already found your soulmate, it is possible to delete Lovoo Account. How this works through the browser and the Lovoo app, we even have explained step by step for you.

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Delete Lovoo account in the browser

To delete your Lovoo profile on the computer via the browser, simply proceed as follows:

  1. Open your browser and log in you with your login information at Lovoo.
  2. Drive to the Lovoo login with the mouse on the top right, click the gear icon, so that the menu folds out.
  3. Now choose the Settings item.
  4. The right of the profile details you find the point my account. Here you can connect it your account with Facebook, including her will to remove its own account permanently option. lovoo-Delete
  5. Click on the link and then confirm the warning with OK.lovoo-loeschen2
  6. How sadly familiar with the numerous portals on the Internet, the deletion process is not yet completed, only you have to click through a few questions. Now you must give a reason why you want to delete your profile, and then type your password again. Pay attention now on not on the thick green button, but to click the bottom left of the grayed link. lovoo-loeschen3
  7. Now you have the deletion of the profile again to confirm.
  8. Finally, sends you Lovoo an e-mail confirming your cancellation.

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Lovoo App: Delete Account

Who uses Lovoo as an app can delete his account while on the go. Followed, these steps:

  1. First opens the Lovoo app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Click top left on your profile icon, so that the menu folds out.
  3. now the option selected settings.lovoo-delete-app screenshot
  4. then tap on my account.
  5. Now scroll all the way down to the Delete option account.lovoo-delete-app screenshot2
  6. now give a Lovoo your password and selects a reason why you want to delete Lovoo.lovoo-delete-app screenshot3
  7. Now click on &# 8220; Delete Forever&# 8221 ;. Finished!


Lovoo terminate on iTunes

Does delete her a paid VIP membership and want your Lovoo account, it proceeds as follows:

  1. Open your App Store and get in touch with your Apple ID.
  2. Click on "Apple ID Show" > "Manage App Subscriptions".
  3. Selects the Lovoo app and click "No auto-renewal" to delete your profile and your account.
Attention: Lovoo contracts have different maturity - 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Only when this is over, you can cancel within 24 hours.

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Delete Lovoo account: E-mail does not come

Have terminated as described above their Lovoo and received a confirmation email, you should remain vigilant and if you continue to divert monies check. When in doubt, you can contact Lovoo. Send an email with [email protected] The mailing address is:

Prager Straße 10
01069 Dresden

About Lovoo

LovooLovoo was developed in 2011 by an eight-member team as mobile dating app and established. Originally the name &Kiss2go; # 8220&# 8221; provided for the app, but you already had to decide shortly after the start of the application for a different name, since a Berlin radio station had accused the makers of a trademark violation.

Within 20 days, the German company decided based in Dresden for a new name along with a new logo and design. Since September last year, the Lovoo GmbH prepares its internationalization after was recorded on 12 April 2013, the "Silicon Valley Accelerator Program".

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