BlueStacks has stopped working – what to do?

The free Android emulator BlueStacks is already long been in the beta test phase. Because of this, there is sometimes still a few bugs and issues. We are counting on some of the common errors and explain what you can do if BlueStacks does not work anymore.

BlueStacks has stopped working - what to do?

Have you considered you the Android emulator BlueStacks app player on your PC, it is sometimes still too few error messages once the program has started. but this is rarely the users themselves, more often at the currently ongoing beta testing of the software.

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BlueStacks has stopped working

In some versions of the BlueStacks App Player it can after starting the message "BlueStacks frontend does not" come. In this case, it is advisable to check the official website of BlueStacks whether you have the latest version of the Android emulator.

blue stacks error messageBlueStacks: If even the installation does not work, is already something amiss

As the software for displaying Android Apps currently still on the PC in development, this can be, but also be very natural problems, the solution can be brought to the next update. A re-installation could help in this case, but it does not.

Screen goes black at matches BlueStacks

A common problem that accumulates in the forums. You start a game from one of the stores that you have downloaded you about BlueStacks and the image is suddenly black, while the sound continues.

Unfortunately, there is to this day still no solution to this problem. If we know more, we sit down immediately informed. As long tried to avoid it best about Andy that runs significantly better performance and all games can play without problems.

BlueStacks does not work: Other error messages

  • Windows XP users are having BlueStacks have you left behind, as the Android emulator issues with the operating system after opening only the message: "Loading". Here the much-needed upgrade to a newer operating system recommends.
  • For those that simply has only the problem that he can not find the @ button has to realize that the English-language program of a US keyboard is based. Here, the "Y" can be found for example in the "Z" and vice versa, and the @ sign using the key combination Shift Alt + 2.

At this point we would like to point out Andy, an Android emulator, which is clearly stabilder and richer in features than BlueStacks itself.


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