Search KickTipp-betting: Fast, easy & Direct Access

Syndicates have a long tradition, which is very present in clubs and regular tables still in Germany. With the Web service KickTipp can also pursue his passion online and start betting pools or manage. But what if you already had a betting community, but it can no longer find or if you want to join a new round? This guide shows how you can search with direct access to a KickTipp-betting community.

Search KickTipp-betting: Fast, easy & amp; Direct Access

Search KickTipp tip round: Short name Direct Access

If you are already a member of a betting community, but these no longer can find, you need above all the short name of the group. The nickname is a lowercase and offers direct access to the betting community. The short name is at the end of the URL: If you are in your betting community, you see the name in the dark bar below the KickTipp logos.

If you account for the short name or unknown, there are ultimately only two options:

Search Tip kick-bettingThe result is not always easy to predict &# 8211; that's part of the fun when typing.
  1. You can reach out and ask for the name of a Mittipper of the round or the game leader. The can you then at KickTipp of the betting round search enter and already you have the rounds found.
  2. You can reach anyone who knows the nickname: In the event you have to call you to the service center of KickTipp by e-mail form. Employees can seek the betting for you, but only if you also can call the game master the e-mail address on your account, your name and Tipper if possible.

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Search open KickTipp tip rounds or open their own round

If you're looking for an open KickTipp-betting, which you can join, you can find them quickly and clearly, from Bundesliga to Formula 1 in which KickTipp list for open betting games.

If you feel like you have, you do not forget you can also quickly open your own free betting community, but to remember the nickname you well, that you later can find them! For detailed instructions on KickTipp login including troubleshooting can be found also with us.


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