Koi Tattoo: On the importance of an iridescent & legendary fish

Tattoos are have long no longer just the domain of sailors or prison inmates, but always find in the mainstream more widespread. Looking for a beautiful and meaningful motive, you are probably already stumbled over the koi fish whose importance we examine in more detail in this article.  

Koi Tattoo: amp On the importance of an iridescent &; legendary fish

Who is looking for a nice tattoo motif should make it clear first of all that the first three Google hits are seen by very many people. Many tattoo artists already refuse to typical &# 8220; Google motifs&# 8221; how to tattoo the spring or dandelion, since one and the same template is pre-shows again and again. That makes it worthy of you realize your individual skin a custom tattoo, take your time when theme selection and also look outside the internet for templates by visiting, for example, tattoo conventions.

the Koi &# 8211; a very special carp

The Koi is a carp in the Western world. The colored versions of these fish are referred to in Japan as Nishikigoi. Meanwhile, there are tons of different cultivated varieties of these animals (over 100), five-figure sums are paid for their acquisition even. But this fish is known not only among fans but also linked throughout Japanese society with great importance.

koi fish turns into a dragon and in the flood jumps important for the importance of a koi tattoos is applied to the kite in which it is when it overcomes the Yellow River

According to legend, the koi turned into a dragon, if he manages to swim the Yellow River and the waterfalls up to the Dragon. Since he is the only fish that could cope with this task, be credited with certain characteristics:

  • Determination
  • endurance
  • Progress and pursuit
  • courage
  • The ability to achieve high goals
  • independence & freedom
  • happiness

Koi can also achieve a very high age. Their maximum life expectancy is 200 years. Good attitude, they can be an average of 70 to 90 years old, but in most pools they die before they have reached their tenth birthday.

Koi are just as old and big as her breeder or halter many kois allows in a totally überfülllten pool

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The Koi as a tattoo &# 8211; colorful and expensive

Koi are still often confused into our latitudes with goldfish. Also Koi focus their growth on the size of the pool in which they have to stay. Has a koi enough space, it can be up to 90 cm tall. Due to the varied colors &# 8211; Orange, blue, green, yellow, metallic gold and silver &# 8211; , a koi fish are a true work of art on your skin that catches sure stir. Concerns should bring:

  • The bright colors look beautiful, but if you want to be removed the tattoo, they make the greatest difficulties. There is also a possible option to get tattooed in black and white a koi.
  • This alternative may also results in mind when you shrink lack of money before the koi tattoo because tattoos with many colors are generally more expensive. Tattooist may due to the risk of infection only use for one person namely the ink &# 8211; therefore many colors cost more and more.
  • In our culture, the importance of the Koi is not really known and disseminated. Most people will thus see in your tattoo, especially a fish &# 8211; But here is also potential for much discussion.

Koi tatto image in black and white head is the tail inclined

The meanings of the Koi: varieties and colors

Thanks to the ingenuity of the fish farmers today there are a large number of differently colored koi. The colors are not only of aesthetic relevance, but they symbolize for the Japanese certain properties. Strength, power, elegance, courage, etc. vary greatly emphasized with different color schemes and the fish should also evoke different feelings between peace and ecstasy in the viewer.

  • Tancho KoiIdea liter all white (mostly yellowish) with accurately shaped red head patch symbolizes the Japanese national flag. He is actually the most famous Koi &# 8211; the classic.
  • Bekko Koi: White, red or yellow in color with black spots, they may not be on the head.
  • Kohaku Koi: Quite clean white color and a clearly separated red drawing.
  • Sanke Koi: White body with red and black spots.
  • Goshiki Koi: White, red, yellow, light and dark blue
  • Kinginrin Koi: Orange with glitter flakes that reflect the sunlight &# 8211; the gold bars under the Koi.

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