iPhone 6c: cheap iPhone or compact top model?

According to the first rumors Apple will bring three new iPhones to the market this year. One of them is to be an iPhone 6c, which is probably 5c replace the iPhone. So we get in September a discount iPhone 6 in the plastic housing, right?

iPhone 6c: cheap iPhone or compact top model? [Comment]

The iPhone 5c, the c is in the name obvious to cheap color, so color. It was an iPhone 5 in colored plastic housing. However, the iPhone 6c, the c is likely to stand for compact, so compact. Indeed, contrary to the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus with its huge 5.5-inch display, the iPhone should be 6c equipped with a 4-inch display.

Apple CEO Tim Cook noted some time ago that the range of different iPhone models have the number of users that has from other platforms, especially Android, go to the iPhone, skyrocket. Not surprisingly dear customers more choice.

Cook also stated in the quarterly report to, however, that the iPhone does not 5c so sold well, as hoped, since customers are fascinated by Touch ID and would have therefore rather relying, among other for the more expensive iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6c mockup of 3D FutureiPhone 6c mockup of 3D Future

iPhone 6c: beginner or top model?

Before you deal with the rumors about the specifications of the iPhone 6c, one should deal with a question: What should the iPhone be 6c? The answer to this question can assess how credible the rumors and leaks are that will emerge in the coming months we. Should it be the affordable entry-level model or a smaller, more compact top model for supporters of the 4-inch form factor? What strategy Apple wants to take the iPhone 6c?

If the iPhone 6c to be an affordable entry-level iPhone, so 5c of the successor to the iPhone, so Apple needs to save on manufacturing and hardware to achieve the lowest possible price.

If the iPhone 6c, however a smaller, more compact top model with equivalent performance to be, it is likely to be significantly more expensive than an iPhone 5c.

Start Photogallery(6 images)iPhone 6c: Looks the future of Apple's "plastic bomber" from?

iPhone 6c: Hardware

A C-Class iPhone can only be offered convenient if you can make it convenient. This rules out a new development. You have to continue to use existing production lines and components to keep production costs as low as possible. So it makes Apple for years. Particularly evident this strategy was of course the iPhone 5c. But she reached with all other previous generations that Apple has offered in parallel with the most current-generation iPhone.

According to the latest rumors, Apple will package the hardware of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in a 4-inch enclosure, together with A8 chip. For this, but all the hardware must be modified, realigned the production and everything to be redeveloped basically. That would make an iPhone 6c significantly more expensive than an iPhone 5c.

If the iPhone 6c as low as an iPhone will be 5c, it seems plausible that Apple forges from the current iPhone 5s iPhone 6c. The hardware is already trimmed to a 4-inch casing, the production runs smoothly for almost 2 years and the components are now also much cheaper to produce.

The iPhone 5s has a 64-bit A7 SoC and Touch ID, but no NFC. These three functions need not and will Apple offered in all iOS devices:

  • 64-bit, so you can complete the switch from 32- to 64-bit and finally the app developers can focus on a single platform.
  • touch ID, so that more customers have access to Apple Pay and instructed on app functions. Thus, the payment service is pushed again and the competing payment services from Google and Samsung would continue to depend.
  • NFCThe iPhone 5s had to make do for some reason without NFC. Therefore, one can not pay at the supermarket checkouts with apple pay with an iPhone 5s. It would be easier and less expensive to equip the hardware of the iPhone 5s with NFC, as far as rebuilding the hardware of the iPhone 6 to fit into a 4-inch housing for Apple.

An iPhone 5s as an iPhone 6c?

Why would Apple remodel the iPhone 5s and sell as an iPhone 6c? If the iPhone 6c to be cheap, existing hardware can be used. The only existing hardware that can obstruct Apple inexpensively in a 4-inch device is that of the iPhone 5s.

This hardware but can not be cost-effective with the case design of an iPhone 6 combine. Sure, Apple could miss a housing with rounded corners the iPhone 5s. This has been made even Apple, the iPhone 5c.

Aluminum is more expensive than plastic, and if the iPhone is supposed to be 6c favorable, will most likely set back to plastic. We would have so a device that looks like an iPhone 5c, but none is. So that any buyer does not get confused, it is called 6c iPhone.

"But Apple can still sell no 5er iPhone as iPhone 6!" However, Apple can. Apple has indeed called the third-generation iPad mini iPad mini 3, although it is only an iPad mini 2 ID with additional touch.

Housing and Design

If the iPhone 6c an affordable entry-level iPhone, it is probably because in a plastic housing. Should there be a more compact top model, is well set to aluminum. It should either so look like an iPhone 5c or as a smaller iPhone. 6

The iPhone 5c is colorful and therefore popular particularly among younger users. This strategy should not give Apple. I would like an iPhone 6c colored anodized aluminum, similar to the current iPod touch.

iPhone 6c with Touch ID - mockup of 3D FutureiPhone 6c with Touch ID - mockup of 3D Future

tl; dr

If the information from Digitimes are true, then the iPhone 6c is not affordable entry-level iPhone because too much would have to be changed to the hardware, which drives the price up.

Runs Apple's previous strategy further information from Digitimes are incorrect. Then the iPhone 6c is a ummodelliertes and cheaper iPhone 5s.

/ Supplement: 30.03: Here is apparently the first time a case of the upcoming iPhone 6c. The dimensions to it is to rulings this is a case of a 4-inch iPhone. also note the oval opening for the True Tone dual-LED flash. The only iPhone that Apple has put on the market with an oval True Tone flash, was the iPhone 5s. This is another indication that the iPhone 6c a modified iPhone 5s, as described above in the article.

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