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If you want to replace or change individual colors in an image, you can do it using the free image editor GIMP. We show how this works.

In our example, we'll color a hyacinth bloom from blue to red. The cropping of the object makes GIMP it almost automatically.

Here we changed the color of a flower.Here we changed the color of a flower.
  • Tip: The fastest and most accurate methods for image-cut in GIMP

Replace Color: GIMP & to change

GIMP: This is the foreground selection.GIMP: This is the foreground selection.
  1. Opens in GIMP your image by you draw it in the window.
  2. Selects the tool foreground select out.
  3. Now creates a rough frame to the object whose color want to change it. It need not be very accurate.
  4. Presses the Backspace (above the Enter key) if you have a point set incorrectly and want to repeat it.

    So it uses the foreground select tool.So it uses the foreground select tool.

  5. Have you circled the item, you can double-click to connect the head and tail and make the selection done.
  6. The background of the picture is now colored blue. Malt, slightly back and forth to accommodate all shades contained in it with the mouse within your item that want to dye her.
  7. Now calculate the exact GIMP selection of your object. If certain areas are not already entered, you paint your mouse over them again about it.
  8. If the selection looks good, pushes her enter. The "ants lines" appear around the selection.
  9. If you now see that areas have been overlooked, you can these with the tool Free choice (Shortcut: F) add by her encircles it while holding down the Shift key with the mouse. Ctrl + Z makes the last change.
  10. Now click selects the right mouse button on your choice and Color, hue / saturation &# 8230; out.
  11. In the new window it moves down by the regulator hue, until the color is replaced by another that you like.
  12. You can change including the brightness and saturation with the controls.
  13. confirmed OK.
  14. You pick your selection to the key combination Ctrl + Shift + A.

Now you can change the image with the key combination Ctrl + Shift + S save it under a new file name.


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