Star Wars Battlefront 2 will not start Solution: help for error messages and problems

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is playable already in beta or not, if you suffer from problems with the beta version. Because numerous errors, bugs or crashes make it sometimes difficult to enjoy the battles from the Star Wars universe. We gather at this point all known faults and give their solutions.

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Do you have problems with the PC version of the beta of Star Wars Battlefront 2, you should first look into the official system requirements throw to exclude certain problems from the outset. Do you still have problems to start the beta, you can below the list of all known bugs check.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2: Beta can not download to / find

The most common problem concerns the beta version, can not yet be downloaded or found with many players. Heard about the preorder the digital edition you will need to manually download the beta from the respective store your platform. It is about 15 GB in size and you should put them using the search under the name &# 8220; Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta&# 8221; can be found quickly. In the Xbox Store you may find such an entry twice, but you can only select and download one of them.

Have you pre-ordered a physical edition, you must contact the Beta Code your dealer. In most cases, you should have been but already sent the code by e-mail from the dealer. However, there are on all platforms problems with some beta code, which can not be redeem. but publisher EA is aware of this and is working according to the official statement already on this problem.


No group formation possible or inviting or join friends does not go

VM any players report that they can not form groups with friends in the beta to play together. it was not possible to join friends or invite them into a squad. Because it just comes to the multiplayer shooter, this is still a very annoying problem for which there is currently still no solution.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta does not start on the PC

Have to start the beta on the PC at all their problems? Then you are not alone, for both high-end systems, and PCs with moderately good hardware appears this problem. The only solution help we're unable to offer you is an attempt to start Origin as admin and then try the game start.

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PC Beta keeps crashing

Get her the PC Beta indeed up and running, but it crashes constantly, this will depend, according to player reports to the setting of DirectX 12 in the options together. Since you can not exhibit normal option thanks to the crashes, you have to edit the installation directory, the .ini file. To do this you proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the directory C: \ Users \ your user name \ Documents \ STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta \ settings \ and initially makes a backup of all your files here.
  2. now opens the file with the boot Options or profile Options and searches for the entry GstRender.EnableDx12 1.
  3. Changes the value at the end of 1 to 0 and saves the file.

Now you should the game without any problems can start. If not, send us your problems in the comments.

Beta freezes on the Xbox One for terms a

Some players on the Xbox One report that the beta freezes after the Terms have been accepted. A very radical method to have helped some players had to reset the console to factory settings. However, this is not recommended without danger, because their so may lose Scores or have to download games again. Another solution aids are currently unknown.

Error Code 721 &# 8211; Can not connect to the servers

Especially in the PC beta you possibly are confronted with the error code 721st This is a network problem on the server side. You can try to restart your PC and / or router. But if it still does not work, you have to willy-nilly to be resolved by the developers.

Rey&# 8217; s outfit &# 8220; The last Jedi&# 8221; is not in play

If her outfit from episode 8 &# 8220; The last Jedi&# 8221; miss for Rey, which is not only you that. Rey can currently be played only in their scavenger outfit. This is a known bug that will hopefully eradicated soon.

The field of view can not be changed in the PC Beta

In the PC Beta you can not change the settings for the game itself view (FOV), but must ensure manipulate the .ini file. To do this you proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the directory C: \ Users \ your user name \ Documents \ STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta \ settings \ and initially makes a backup of all your files here.
  2. Opens the file containing the profile options and searches for the entry GstRender.FieldOfView.
  3. Changes this entry corresponding to (e.g. GstRender.FieldOfView 1.5) Until you are satisfied.

Controller map is not displayed correctly

Unless you play on the console, could you problems in controlling Starfighters have. This is because the controller function shown partially wrong. So you have to experiment a bit until you have found the correct control. Again, there is a known issue, which will hopefully now fixed soon.


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