What is the 0-euro note? Where buy?

The 0-euro bill is not fake, but by the European Central Bank (ECB) approved. We explain what it is, what it looks like, what you can do with it and where you get it.


  • What is the 0-euro note?
  • How does he look?
  • What motives are there?
  • Where buy?

What is the 0-euro note?

The 0-euro bill is the European Central Bank (ECB) approved as "Euro Souvenir" - almost a collector's item.

  • The 0-euro bill is just as real as any other euro note.
  • but since he has the nominal value of EUR 0, you can do it not in payments use; so you can buy anything.
  • However, the bill for many one has collectable.

Tip: Notes with rare motifs may also have a higher value to collectors.

The 0-euro note from the front with Luther Memorial in Wittenberg. Source: gott.netThe 0-euro note from the front with Luther Memorial in Wittenberg. Source: gott.net

What does the 0-Euro note from?

  • The 0-euro note is the size of a 20-euro note.
  • It has the typical security features (hologram, watermark, etc.).
  • It is available with different motives.

What motives are there?

Among other things, there are the following subjects:

  • 300 years Hercules
  • Monkey Mountain Salem
  • Münster Zoo
  • Atomium
  • Berlin Palace
  • Europe Park
  • God's grace, there is nothing (Luther Monument)
  • Cologne on the Rhine
  • Cologne cathedral
  • Marineland
  • Mozart Salzburg
  • Miniatur Wunderland (see video above).
  • Overlord Museum
  • Castle
  • Moritzburg Castle
  • Wartburg
  • Zoo de Paris
  • Zoo Duisburg
  • Zoo Magdeburg

On the official Twitter channel their other motifs found.

Where can you buy the 0-euro note? it is how much?

The 0-euro bill will cost 2.50 euros default:

  • In Germany, some 20 agencies have appearances. Among them is the Duisburg Zoo or the Moritzburg castle in Dresden.
  • On the club Gott.net * cost of the ticket 2.00 euros, but still shipping costs are added. Motive is the Luther Memorial in Wittenberg.
  • Even on eBay *What is the 0-euro note? Where buy? finds her the bills. There, the prizes, depending on the subject already to 60 euros.

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