Penny Online Shop: When you can order the latest offers online?

Once you can already on Penny website which offers browse in the prospectus, will soon be possible also an order in Penny online shop. Whether and how you can order in the shop of the discount bread, milk, pasta, wine, detergents and Co. online and can be brought up to the front door you, learn it in the article.

REWE simply order online*

Just now saw a bargain in advertising and bang - it is already in the virtual shopping cart. Exactly should be possible already from this summer for Penny customers. The discounter REWE Group wants to break into the supermarket delivery service.

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Penny Online Shop: That's the plan for summer 2017

REWE delivery service * is one of the first to have brought the supermarket orders home. A member of the REWE Group company REWE Digital GmbH now also helps Penny in online trading. What to expect customers of the discount later this summer (Source: *):

  • delivery from Wine and
  • Non-food such as hygiene needs or kitchen utensils
  • is delivered by DHL, the delivery service of Deutsche Post.

In fresh produce, we must therefore do without. Maybe Amazon Fresh is as fast and offers food delivery of perishable goods to soon - after all, the Germany start the service was already suspected for April.

If you can also order up to 13 days in advance as in the REWE delivery service and whether the same number of species you are ready at the parent company, is not yet known officially.

Perhaps these intricacies clear in the four-week test phase before the official launch of the Penny webshops. By then, of course, you can also shop for other providers such as Edeka, Lidl and Netto online. What can you buy in the net at ALDI, you read our article on ALDI Online Store.

Penny_onlineshop1Source: © Penny via REWE Group

This offers you the Penny Website

Even if you can not order currently at Penny over the Internet, the official website of the discounter provides some information for bargain hunters:

  • You can look at the current offers in the prospectus, inform you about the Penny-brand products, high quality and actions.
  • After entering your postcode you also the next discounter is displayed with opening times.
  • In addition, Penny coupons can * download in the form of app coupons, saving money while shopping.
  • On find their vacation offers in different mobile phone tariffs without a contract.

The savings coupons be found naturally in the PENNY app for iOS and Android devices.

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Penny in Austria, however, you can already products for Household, tools, kitchen, spa, drugstore, garden order and other areas with a mouse click up to the front door.

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