Skype data usage: How much data volume draws the app?

Skype itself is free, but those who use the application on mobile devices with limited data plan, you should know how much data usage incurred by (video) calls. The most important information.

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Skype data usage

Skype calls with calls transmits about 24 to 128 Kbit / s. on average, the 76 kbit / s. Skype consumed per minute thus converted 570 KB / s, which is about 0.5 MB. So talk at 10 minutes by Skype are about 5 MB together. In times of Flaterates it does not matter much. The situation is different in the mobile space.

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Skype mobile data usage

Calls to landline or mobile numbers consume significantly less data volume: 6 to 20 Kbit / s. At an average of 13 Kbit / s that is, a one-minute call consumes only 97.5 Kbytes, which is about 0.1 MB of data. talk 10 minutes via Skype so would then be around 1 MB data usage.

More expensive, it is if you have a Video call from phone to phone starts. Here, the data rate is 500 kbit / s. In a one-minute call to get as 3.75 MB. Who spend hours on the phone here, has already exhausted his monthly data volume after a few Skype calls.

Video calls from mobile to computer are still data-intensive: Here be reckoned with 600 Kbits / s and a data volume of 4.5 MB per minute.


Skype data usage by synchronizing

but the Skype app not only consumes data volume when you phoned about it. Also the synchronization contacts, status information and profile pictures devouring volumes of data. Who has many Skype contacts, may have become so inadvertently brought a massive volume eaters mobile phone. You can then reduce data usage by their setting up a separate Skype account. There you store only the contacts that you also want mobile contact in any case.

We set up her a Skype account, learn it here: Log Skype: Skype account create, setup and login. Or you take the opportunity to clean out your Skype contacts. Lest this Skype: delete contacts - so it works on PC, Android and iPhone / iPad.

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