Outlook: Forgot your password – Solutions and help

Who sent many emails and receives comes on mailing client Outlook Microsoft over barely. Even with Outlook, access to the account can be protected by a password. However, due to the large number of different passwords that you have to remember for its online access, it can also occur in Outlook that you have ever forgotten his password.

Find out here what you can do if you forget the password Outlook and how to re-gain access to his mailbox.

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Outlook: Lost password - restore access

Of course, Microsoft has in the event that you forget their password for Outlook precautions. you can reset the password on their own web site. The readout of the password or even hacking the Outlook account is not necessary. So you get back access to your mailbox:

  1. Opens the Microsoft website.
  2. Here you will find below the input screen for the login information, select "I forgot my password".
  3. Give an Outlook mail address in the appropriate field.
  4. In addition, you must enter the security code on the screen.
  5. Now you can choose how you want to reset the Outlook password. Thus, can. As a recovery email will be sent to an additional specified mail address. Alternatively, you have to answer a security question that was defined when setting up the account. In some cases, it has also received a recovery code when setting up the account, which can be used to reset the password.


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Outlook: Reset Password

If no alternative mail address have been specified and you have the answer to the security question forget you have to contact Microsoft support you. Here you can be helped if the Outlook password has been forgotten. however, noted that their personal information must have handy with which you have to justify yourself as an actual owner of the account.

Outlook: Forgot your password - Solutions and help

Elsewhere, we show you what you can do if the error message "your Outlook account settings are out of date" appears in the login attempt.


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