Amazon: verification code via e-mail at registration – Why is that?

From time to time it may happen that you will be asked to enter a verification code when you want to log on to Amazon. The verification code can you have received by mail.

Find out here what's behind the Verifzierungscode on Amazon and what you should consider when registering.

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Amazon: verification code when registering &# 8211; why is that?

When entering the code is a safety measure by Amazon to protect the account, the two-step authentication. In this two-step verification, it is no longer enough to log only with the email address and password on Amazon. In addition, a security code is requested, obtained in various ways, for example by app, SMS or even by mail. Only after entering the code, there is access to the Amazon account. So you could prevent fraudsters go with stolen login information about foreign accounts on Amazon shopping.

  • Many users are prompted to enter the verification code, however, although no two-step-factor authentication was set up.
  • Often you get the message when trying to log in via a mobile Internet connection instead of Wi-Fi at home.
  • Usually app users are affected by this query.
  • log even if one tries on a new IP, such as at a new location or computer at Amazon, the additional security request can occur by mail.
  • Furthermore, this additional level of security is placed in front of the log when irregularities in recent login attempts have been detected, such as a multiple, wrong password entry, logins on different devices in a small period of time, the login attempt with a flashy IP or a hack attempt ,
  • If the browser cache emptied regularly, Amazon can not assign a login attempt at a really well-known device. In these cases, the corresponding device is also considered as a new device.

Amazon 2-factor

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set up two-step verification at Amazon

You can prevent the query verification code from Amazon do not. Annoys you the query because you have to close until prior to login the app or the browser to open your mail box for the code, you can explicitly set up two-factor authentication.

  • If this account is protected, you will receive a code via text message or voice call to a pre-assigned number at login. Alternatively, it uses the Authenticator app over which can also create security codes.
  • In the future, you will no longer need to receipt of the mail service or you sign long in your mail account to read the code, but can see from this the text message or listen to the voice call.

Amazon: verification code via e-mail at registration - Why is that?

To enable two-step authentication at Amazon, proceeds as follows:

  1. Log in with your account.
  2. Controls the section "My Account" at.
  3. Selects here the section "Registration and security settings."
  4. you can set up the account protection and also disable it in "Advanced Safe Settings".

Danger: In most cases the messages come directly from Amazon and are therefore trustworthy. Should you have not you tried to log on, here is a scam could be behind. never logged on to you a mail from Amazon, even if the message seems trustworthy! Controls instead directly in the browser or open the app on the smartphone. Scammers build again and again for Amazon-mails for tapping passwords by phishing.

Did you get a real message with a verification code from Amazon without you tried to log you, even an attempted unauthorized access may have occurred. Keep your account in the eye and informed where appropriate, the Amazon support, you should suspect that your account is being targeted by hackers.

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