LG G2 Officially presented (plus hands-on and comparison videos) – Complete info at GIGA

LG G2 Officially presented (plus hands-on and comparison videos) - Complete info at GIGAGIGA-rating: Reader Rating:242.0

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So, now it's official. LG has presented today in New York, the G2 in New York, unfortunately we could not attend the presentation, but what is there on the Internet, right? Well, in this case all the information about the new LG flagship.

After we get some leaks, photos and more in advance to face, it is now official. The LG G2 is, how should it be any different, better, faster and more beautiful than its predecessor. All technical details you can find below, here first the new software features that distinguishes the LG G2 smartphones from other manufacturers.

  • Answer Me - As soon as the user lifts the handset to your ear, the ringtone is automatically turned down and accepted the call.
  • plug & pop - Locates the smartphone earplugs or USB cable, it offers options or matching functions to choose from.
  • Text link - information in text messages can be selected and easily stored in the memo or calendar and searched on a map or on the Internet.
  • Quick remote - The LG G2 can be used not only for the remote control of popular home entertainment devices, but can also learn from conventional remote controls and are set to control multiple devices with flexible layouts and keys.
  • Slide Aside - For easy multitasking simply pushes active apps using a three-finger grip on its side.
  • Guest mode - The mode protects confidential content of the smartphone owners by displaying only preset apps when a guest smartphone unlocked with a special second password.

Of course there are already some smart hands-on videos to the device, which you can of course you look directly at us here:

 LG G2 Hands-On Engadget

LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 by phone Arena

LG G2 vs. HTC One Mobile Geeks

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