Outlets in Spain Where it takes another adapter?

Even though the outlets in Spain largely correspond to the German standard, there are still some old plugs and sockets that are not compatible with our system. What socket types are there and which adapter may still need it, learn it here.

The problem in many southern European countries that, although sometime old standards in favor of new electrical installations have been abandoned, but can be found still old fixtures. The outlets in Spain, although mostly use the "German outlets" F-type and sometimes the older boxes of type C (such as Type F - only without grounding), but there are also still old sockets of type L.

Plug-spain-L connectorThis old model can you at outlets in Spain also encounter yet

This type L was also with the Italian outlets common. In this case, there are three holes in a row and distances are such that a German plug will fit anywhere. Although all new houses and hotels meet modern standards, still find yourself especially in remote areas and old houses these old outlets. So if you should travel as a part of Spain, prepare yourselves by mitnehmt their appropriate adapter.

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Adapter for old Spanish outlets

That can not cope plugs modern equipment with the old outlets in Spain, is not just a tourist problem; and Spaniards have to fight with. For this reason you can buy the necessary adapters there in many stores. Small groceries, tools or electric shops - anywhere you can find such adapters. If your Spanish is not so good, makes up an image! Keep a new plug next to the old socket and displays the image in the store. The word adapter in Spanish "Adaptador". So it should be no problem to make himself understood.

adapter-socket-spainAn adapter for old Spanish outlets (Source: Amazon)

If you do not want to leave you out, you worried at Amazon a Travel adapter for Spanish outlets *. you pay about 5.00 euros for and receives an adapter plug, which even has a grounding. is a bit problematic in old houses as yet the quality of the lines. They are as old as the Spanish sockets and not designed to simultaneously cope with a kettle, a hair dryer and an iron. Here you should be careful not to put your property on fire. The adapter above can you incidentally sometimes still used in Italy, but also in the Maldives.

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