Dead by Daylight in the Map Guide: All cards at a glance (Update: Michael Myers-DLC)

So far, you play to 14 cards in the competitive multiplayer horror Dead by Daylight. This number comes from four main maps, which in turn have variations. In this map guide we give you an overview of all the cards in the game.

since the DLC &# 8220; The Last Breath&# 8221; for Dead by Daylight There are 5 main card. At the beginning of each round you will be displayed on which card you play. At the bottom left you will find two names the respective map. Above is the special card and below the main map of Dead By Daylight. On which maps can play in the Arena horror it, learn it in this Map-Guide. Besides, we also tell you all news to new card Crotus Prenn Asylum.

The next chapter in Dead by Daylight includes Michael Myers:

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Dead by Daylight &# 8211; Map-guide with all the cards in detail

The cards in Dead by Daylight be procedurally created. Particular vaults, walls and wooden fences randomly generated. However, you have played a while her you recognize the 12 different cards slowly, and know where to find such as the trap door and can escape the killer her. So you can always rely upon certain buildings or objects on the respective maps. Sun can be found on the map Thompson House (Cold Wind Farm) before getting the huge house where usually a generator is found. But houses can change with each match. So rooms or enclosures can be added or changed here.

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In addition to the three main card was the first DLC yet introduced a new map.In addition to the three main card was the first DLC yet introduced a new map.

New Map in the Michael Myers-DLC

Halloween All Dead-by-Daylight player expects a special extra. On October 31, a DLC to appear, in which you as a killer Michael Myers himself and his sister Laurie can play as a survivor. Of course, there will also be a new map give. This plays in the birthplace of Myers. The new card is Lampkin Lane, Haddonfield. Here you play on the entire road and can go in all buildings. The generators are partially hidden in the houses. Hedges and bushes serve you as a shelter. You can play the new map already. How this works you see in the description of the following YouTube videos. Just click on the YT icon on the video.

Map-Guide: Macmillan estate with names at a glance

dead-by-daylight-map-macmillan-estateThe four cards of the McMillan-Estate Map recognizes her blue color. Thematically the maps are part of the trapper or trappers. He lived in the large estate together with his father, whom he loved very much. At the same time he was also the beginning of the series of murders in the country.

Previously, this property beautiful, which is why many brokers have strayed here them to buy the property. Now it is no more than a reminder of brutality and violence. The mine and ironworks were the two sources of money by Archie Macmillan. However, he improved over time into something and pulled his staff with him.

Housewives asked for their husbands and were finally at some point Slaves, are no longer allowed to leave the area without permission of the landlord. From time to time disappeared some workers &# 8211; However, the police probed no further. One day they found Archie Macmillan's skeleton, which grinned scary. Now what's going on here, one can only guess.

  • Mine shaft: The card has an old in their midst Mine. Under it is the basement on which the small entrance leads to tracks. They should remember the transport of ore to the surface. The trap always spawns near the mine.
  • Ironworks of torment: Here, too, is a central part of the map the huge Ironworks. It usually is a generator as well as the Trapdoor. Even a box and hiding boxes are not far away. In the past, other things were here still burned as only ores.
  • Coal Tower: This tower has a store on the map. Here you can find lots of windows on one side to jump out and a generator. The trap spawn here on a building. Searches for cable drums near barracks.
  • Protection Forest: this is the deadliest map in Dead By Daylight. According to developers, most rounds are played in favor of the killer here. The trapdoor spawns somewhere &# 8211; mostly in trees and stones. The tall grass is particularly suitable for this to hide.

Map-Guide: Cold Wind farm name at a glance

dead-by-daylight-map-cold wind-farmThe 5 Cold Wind Farm cards you recognize the yellow glow. They have all Fields full of grain, which can use it as a good place to hide. The farm belongs to history hillbilly killer who is also known as hillbilly. He grew up here &# 8211; however immured in a room, he was never allowed to leave because he was disfigured. But at some point he swore revenge.

The Cold Wind Farm is huge and comprises two districts. The Adams family cared diligently around the farm and agriculture. In year 1946 but stopped that. The seeds weathered and died slowly, police found not a soul on the farm. While in the house, they found dust and dirt in every room, a room was immaculate and invigorated.

However, the investigators found no one on the premises. Some people tried the building and the area to renovate and inhabit again. But when one day the silo fell over and fell out corpses and the combine blood spat over the entire area, the people left the Cold Wind farm.

  • Thompson's House: The special feature of the map is the huge house. On the porch is the Trapdoor. The building also is usually a generator. Here earlier festivities were held and people were like coming here. That has now changed, however.
  • Valley of agony: In the valley of torment you find the giant, fallen silo. In it, 12 bodies were found, but no explanation of how it came about. The silo is a generator and a closet. In addition, it is here in the Basement, cellar. The generator here is bad from view, which is why you should not fix it as a beginner. The trap is the silo.
  • Putrid fields: This map consists of large grain fields where you can hide yourself well. You will also find here also 1-3 generators therein. The trap spawn here by chance &# 8211; but mostly on outputs or on the edge of the fields.
  • Disgusting slaughterhouse: The slaughterhouse was operated even years after the expiration of the farm. The blood-soaked floor shows how many animals here died &# 8211; or other living beings. The slaughterhouse has several barriers that you can use it in order to distract the killer. The trapdoor appear here by chance. Studied at the big tree, which is littered with animal corpses.
  • Destroyed cowshed (new): This card also has large field areas. The special feature is the large barn on the corner of the map. Once we have tested extensively, you can find more information at this point.

Map-Guide: Car Haven junkyard named at a glance

dead-by-daylight-map-auto-haven scrapyardThis old junkyard was the former workplace of Wraith or Ghost. You may know the map on green glow. When he first got here, he did not notice how things went here ran. People suddenly disappeared and money changed hands. One day he found out that the People with cars in the scrap press have been connected.

One day the police found hundreds inanimate body on the grounds of the scrap yard. Their bones were in the car, usually broken into small pieces. However, the worst aspect for the police was the owner &# 8211; trapped in a car, without the head and spine.

The police pulled back and left the grounds of the nature. The residents hoped that it slowly disappears. However, they saw the night as the Light went on and off. Now and then they heard the crusher as they crushed something. But their only response to these phenomena was to simply draw the curtains and go by faster on site.

  • Workshop: You recognize the workshop because here a bright advertising sign perched on the roof. The trap is near the building. you learn to escape on this card because you have some projections and hiding places to choose from. The workshop was the office of the owner, in which money changed its owner and hands were shaken.
  • Blood cottage: Blood cottage was the home of the owner. In the building there is basement, trap as well as a generator.
  • Junkyard: In the junkyard can be found stacked cars behind which you can hide yourself perfect. The trapdoor spawns randomly. Barricades help you in Escape, but can serve the killer's advantage.
  • Azarovs resting place: The Ruhestätter of Azarov has a small office and warehouse with a neon sign on the roof. The trap can appear anywhere. Look here to close the cabin and pointed your ears to hear the typical sound.

Map-Guide: Crotus Prenn refuge at a glance

dead-by-daylight-map-Crotus-Prenn-asylumThe Crotus Prenn refuge you recognize the gray appearance. It is very bright and belongs to the Nurse or Nurse. So far, it has only a variation of the name disturbed department. The Crotus Prenn Asylum was 1857 as a hospital opened. However, the particularly serious and wacky events took the upper hand, which is why it somewhere &# 8220; stored&# 8221; had to be. Although Crotus Prenn is a rather small hospital, but it was enough to keep the deranged safe.

The violent and most distorted figures were housed here &# 8211; the worst cases across the country. One day in September, all occupants were found dead. What about the over 50 people has happened, nobody knows. The rumor has it that a woman should have done so. However, the official answer is a Mass suicide. After this accident, the Asylum was deserted &# 8211; behind closed doors, however, the story goes that a young woman should live in the refuge.

One night you could see the refuge burst into flames. No one called the fire department or tried to stop the fire. They let it burn easily &# 8211; all around were the onlookers cheered and internally.

  • Disturbed Department: This is so far the only variation of the card. It is very bright &# 8211; set someone an offering one, with the moonlight lit, you might think that it is day. In the center of the map is the disturbed department two floors has. At the top is a Generator. You can expect a Steam achievement when you fix it. In the bottom wing is another generator. Otherwise you will find on this map and the small Barrackenhäuschen. The remaining 5 generators are distributed around the shelter. The trap spawn at random locations. Investigated this not in the Asylum. The Hatch was in our games mostly with generators that are outside the home.

Lest with us also, what you can do when the matchmaking system of Dead by Daylight makes problems.


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