Google Images Photo – Search and find

You can upload images to Google to make search for it. On the one hand you will find for web pages with identical images similar to other images or even information on the subject. So you use the Google Image Search ...

Google Images Photo - Search and find

What comes out in the Google Image Search, is often more than amazing. namely you get not only image in other sizes displayed, but also still a presumed interpretation of the content, links to related websites and thematically similar images. So you can upload images to Google to get information about the depicted object or person.

How well it works, of course, depends on several factors. If a universal theme was chosen to be found anywhere so thousands of times, then it is easy for the search engine. Mugs, art, cars &# 8211; because there are plenty of comparison images. If we upload pictures of grandma at Google, on the other hand is more likely to lead to results that can grin one. Depending on the folding stage, a bark-like bark, folding dog or the like can be displayed there already times.

Google Image Search can you also use for copyright control. By you upload photos to Google and then controlling who may use your pictures illegally. For this purpose you have to image not even really upload, but can also enter a web address as the source.

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use Google image recognition

The technique used, such as Google analyzes images is quite refined. It measured color components and the distribution in the image, but also compared outlines and shapes. The result is not always perfect own recordings, but often it is the sought amazingly close.

google-image-upload-ownEven if you upload pictures from private inventory to Google, which still brings results

A good example is the picture above. uploaded a snapshot of a sleeping puppy of the breed French Bulldog. Most find pictures have the black and white color scheme together. But in fact, even a dog of this breed was, despite the strange angle in the second row, far right, found. Most discoveries represent animals.

one uses architectural images, then Google can match images to each other, which were taken from the same perspective.

So you can upload images to Google

On the home page of Google is located on the top right, inter alia, a link called images. Which leads directly to Google Image Search, which is evident from the fact that now there is a camera icon in the search box. Once you click on this icon, changed the field and now you have two options:

  • On one hand, you can insert a photo URL. This means you can know the full address of an image enter there, where the source image is already available on the Internet.
  • On the other hand, you can upload images even at Google. That's tab &upload pictures; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Exactly how this works depends slightly on the browser. While you can also move there and drop the images in Firefox, you must seek the image on the hard drive in MSIE using the Browse button.
google-image-upload-dragIn the Google Image Search your photos can upload or simply specify an Internet address

You have to in this case are not afraid that Google hires some nonsense with it. The uploaded images are not stored by Google and as offered as a result for future searches.

Without Google Image Upload: Fast Image Search

There is a very convenient way to search images, without the need to upload anything. For Firefox and Chrome there are special add-ons that you can search for other sites to each image found on the Internet.

The Firefox plugin Image Lookup provides the context menu an item called Image Lookup. So as soon as you click with the right mouse button on an image you can choose where, with which the three pictures Search Google, TinEye, and Karma Decay to search for similar or identical pictures. An excellent extension for plagiarism hunters.

works much the Chrome Plugin Search by Image. However, the image search applies only to Google. The command &# 8220; Search Google with this image&# 8221; then will (hopefully) there similar images and probable topics links.

Delete Google Images

First and foremost, I described how to find images on Google. But that's not to each law. So how can you delete images on Google and remove them from the search results?

You have to make yourself clear where Google has the pictures. They were in fact always found on various websites and so Google displays images that someone else stored on the network. Google then provides links to the websites where the images actually can be found. And here's the problem: To make delete images from the search results on Google, they must disappear from the websites first. You have a contact with a photo Fund with each individual website operators and induce him to delete the images so that they are gradually deleted from the Google Image Search. Even that will not happen immediately, but takes some time.

As a website operator can accelerate by making use of the tool to delete urls in Google Webmaster Tools. In addition, you can by appropriate paths in the robots.txt file to ensure that the locations of images disappear from the search index. In addition, you can lock out Googlebot, which is responsible for the image search. His name is Googlebot-Image.

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