You can make a referral reversed?

With a transfer you can quickly and easily transfer money from one account to another, for example. pay as online purchases or to book debts with acquaintances. But you can make a referral reversed z. Example, because an incorrect account number was used?

A transfer must be distinguished from a direct debit, which is automatically deducted after authorization from your account.


make transfer reversed and retrieve: What you should know

  • Have you paid too much money or built a transposed digits in the account data, a transfer can not be undone easily.
  • The money transfer by bank transfer was eventually one of you for. B. authorized via entering a TAN or a signature on the remittance slip.
  • Have you done the payment online, you have some providers for up to ten minutes to retrieve the money.
  • This path will help you but only if the error is noticed immediately or shortly after the transfer.
  • Have you done the payment over the counter or machine at a bank branch, you must immediately contact an employee of the Bank to record.
  • payment may not yet done so that the money can be re-booked back to your account.


make transfer reversed: Wrong account or paid too much

  • Have you installed a number or transposed letters in the account data, there is reason to hope that their zurückerhaltet the money on light paths again.
  • However, in the name of the recipient, it comes not, this will not be checked during the transfer.
  • Can the payment be assigned to any account, the money will be credited back to your account.
  • The refund may take several days to complete.
  • If the transferred amount, however, landed on another account, the recipient must agree to a referral back.
  • An alternative with which you can make the transfer reversed, there is not.
  • Your bank will help you in determining the recipient, but can this charge fees.
  • Should not be voluntarily willing recipient, your money back book, must discharge their legal action.
  • Here, too, however, costs can come to you.
  • Should you money from a misslungenem eBay purchase or similar want to go back to book, you need to contact you directly to the eBay Support to clarify the Probllem.

With MHS transfer their transfer forms can be filled in on the computer and print them. In addition, we tell you what is going on with the abbreviation SVWZ on bank statements up. We clarify also on the duration of an online transfer.

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