Fallout 4: Is this the best pre-order bonus of all time?

Fallout 4 will appear in a few weeks and traders try you, of course for a pre-order in their shops to convince. For this reason, different stores offer very different pre-order bonuses. Best Buy now has at hand a very special bonus. A very special one.

fallout sock

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There were already pre-order bonuses entirely different way. While this is mostly dealing with in-game items such as extra weapons or missions, there are just one or the other strange, real item. For example, condoms for Italian pre-orders of InFamous were in the past: Second Son offered by select retailers. Best Buy now ensures that Fallout 4 will receive a pre-order bonus of a special kind.

The North American company offers a Fallout gold to bundle. This comes with the base game and the Season Pass. The package costs $ 85, making five US dollars cheaper than if you were to buy everything individually. But it gets even better. Fits to the dealer giving away even a pair of socks with an iconic Vault Boy pattern. The sock you see above. If you want to look at you this edition more closely, you come on the following link to Best Buy:

Here you can get Fallout 4 The Sock package!*

1416Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L 7 lucky

Here you can pre-order you Fallout 4 in Germany!*


Source: VG247

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