Far Cry Primal: Map to all collector’s items and found objects

The country Oros was up to the highest mountain full of collectibles and finds that reward you with XP after collecting bonuses for Far Cry Primal. In the following guide we give you a map to all 184 collectibles at hand so that you can make up the localities to all Daysha-hands, ghosts Totems, Wenja bracelets, cave paintings and Izila masks.

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Far Cry Primal is there and awakens as already past parts of the franchise again the passion for collecting. about 184 collection items and Collectibles can be found in Oros. We show you a Card to all localities and explain what brings you the collection of finds. Are you new to Oros, we give you entry-tips and a guide to survival in Far Cry Primal.

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Far Cry Primal: Map with all collectibles

Overall, there are 184 collectibles in Far Cry Primal to discover. All Collectibles are you displayed on your map and minimap as soon as her area, so the Fog of war (Fog of War), reveals. So you have to be only in the vicinity of the collection items, so they appear to you on the map. The following map shows you the Locations all collectibles at. For a larger view just click on the image.

Source: ps4trophiesgaming.comSource: ps4trophiesgaming.com

With pressure on X / A can you sit down and look for the waypoints Collectibles targeted. But which collection items there are and what benefits they bring?

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Types and benefits of Collectibles

The 184 Collectibles divided into five different categories:

  • Wenja Bracelets: 25 pieces
  • Ghosts Totems: 12 pieces
  • Cave paintings: 22 pieces
  • Izila masks: 25 pieces
  • Daysha Hands: 100 pieces

How many have already collected it, you can view the corresponding altar in the cave of your Wenja village.

About 100 Daysha hands there are to be found in Far Cry Primal. Conveniently, they glow in the dark.About 100 Daysha hands there are to be found in Far Cry Primal. Conveniently, they glow in the dark.

Daysha hand

The Daysha Hands you see most often in Oros. You can find them in the form of stones, on which white handprints can be seen. At night you can make them even better track even as they then lit begin.


Use: XP for each Daysha-hand plus bonus XP for certain milestones in the collection.

cave painting

cave paintings be found, as the name suggests, in caves. Take with a torch to make the corresponding painting in dark caves located.

far-cry-primal-cave painting

Use: Many XP for each studied cave paintings.

Izila mask

To the Masks of Izila tribe to find, you should near them your hunters view checked, since it will be highlighted yellow. They are usually located in an elevated position, so just whips out your bow and shoot them off.


Use: Many XP for each downed Izila mask.

Spirits Totem

The Ghosts Totems should make very early track down because you rewarded placing each totems with a permanent XP boost of 2% it if possible. simply places them at the designated altars to complete these collectibles.


Use: +2% XP boost for each placed spirits Totem.

Wenja Bracelet

These bracelets be found mostly at shrines, behind destructible walls or on elevated platforms that have to climb it. You are near Wenja bracelets, also hears their spirit voices that tell you the approximate location.

far-cry-primal-wenja bracelet

Use: Many XP for each Wenja bracelet.

For collecting 80 of 184 finds in Far Cry Primal you get the success or trophy Cave hoarders.

hollow-hoarderCave hoardersgamer core 20bronze
Collect 80 artifacts.

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