Spotify use with multiple devices: How it works

About Spotify to get access to millions of songs from all genres on the PC, tablet or smartphone. To listen to songs, prior registration is possible. But what is this, if you want to use Spotify with multiple devices?

An application of Spotify is with accounts on no maximum number of devices limited. This applies to a premium subscription and for free access. Unlike with Sky Go is therefore no device list must reset if you have logged on to a certain number of tablets, smartphones and more with access. Simultaneous playback with an account on multiple devices, however, is limited.

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Spotify: How can you sign up many devices?

  • The playback of Spotify is also possible with a premium account only on a device.
  • If you open Spotify on a second device, there is displayed, on which terminal of the current account is currently used.
  • Although you can change songs here, the change does, however, on the active device noticeable.
  • Additionally, you can change the active device for Spotify playback with the second unit. Playback on other smartphone, tablet or PC is then stopped.
spotify-geraeteIn the browser view the active device can be selected at the bottom right.

With a small detour can be played simultaneously with a premium account Spotify music on multiple devices:

  • Songs can be downloaded for offline use.
  • Once downloaded, the smart phone or tablet must be put into airplane mode.
  • So you can play songs on up to three devices in parallel.
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Spotify: use multiple devices at once - how it works

Very comfortable this detour is not, after all, you can not use as the mobile Internet on the respective device while offline use. Anyone wanting to use Spotify permanently with two or more devices at once, should book the Spotify-Family subscription. Here you pay instead of 9,99 € While 14,99 € a month. However, you can use parallel with this access with up to five other family members. is charged to the main account, each member can make its access personalized with your playlists offline songs and more even.

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