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The Game Booster 3 Download possible by various tuning measures the gamble of computer games on older PCs with reasonable performance.

With the Game Booster 3 Download gets her a tuning tool that is specifically designed to make it possible to run computer games even on older PCs with reasonable performance. To this end, the program background processes as well as any unnecessary Windows services switches off frees memory and optimizes the performance of the processor. Thus, the Game Booster gets 3 download each performance that still goes some way, from your computer.

What the Game Booster does 3 Download in detail

The Game Booster 3 download is able to automatically detect background processes and end, which provides more power at play. With the special technology Game Defrag defragments the program folder of each game and assigns files for faster access to new. The use of technology by Game Defrag Game Booster 3 in particular has a faster start up and response times of games result.

Game Booster 3

Important for the performance of games and of course the device drivers of your system, which should always be up to date are. The Game Booster 3 download is able to assist you in updating drivers and their optimization for games.

Read on the next page, what improvements and new features in Game Booster 3.0 have been added.

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