Until Dawn: Characters in the overview – eight teenagers and a killer

Until Dawn: Characters in the overview - eight teenagers and a killer

Christopher Bahneron 10/08/2015 at 18:29

Until Dawn mixed all the necessary ingredients for typical teen slasher strip. A group of young, beautiful and hip people? Check! An insane killer? Check! A remote mountain hut in the middle of nowhere? Check! We provide you all the characters of the interactive horror film a little more closely before.

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Pre Until Dawn now*

Not for long, and you can at 26th of August even the threads in a Teen Horror pull and seal the fate of eight college students through your decisions, which are hunted by a mad serial killer by a mountain cabin. Which characters you will get to do it, we will show you in the following pictures route.

15432Angespielt: Until Dawn Preview

Until Dawn: Characters in the overview

Until Dawn begins like a typical Teen Slasher. A group of friends has committed a terrible act and exactly one year later pick it acts in a remote mountain cabin in the darkness of the forest again. So far there was this scenario already in umpteen movies, but in Until Dawn you are allowed to actively intervene into the action and co-determine the fates of the characters through your decisions.

Until Dawn: Editions at a glance - all versions of the teen-slasher

Run her before the killer rather away or provide it to you to fight? Such a choice decides in Until Dawn life and death. But to what life is about there at all and how it looks in the game with the cast? We provide you all characters and protagonists in the gallery before.

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