Sky Go: Reset device list – Instructions

With Sky Go, the pay-TV channel offers an additional feature if you also want to get in the stream booked Sky content go online. Thanks to Sky Go you can watch Sky programs in parallel on up to two devices. Here, a registration of a total of four devices is possible, including PC, iPad and Xbox 360. If a new device is added and the quota has already been exhausted, you have to reset the Sky Go device list. Find out here, you can how to remove their equipment from Sky Go.

Sky Go: Reset device list - Instructions

The registration of a device for using Sky Go is performed automatically when you first registered with the Sky Go login information.

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So you can empty the device list at Sky Go

Do you want to reset the Sky Go device list and a z. B. sold iPad from the list of Sky used to delete Go devices, the website of SkyGo must be called. Here you must register with Sky access, ie customer number and password Enter. The customer number along with your password can be found in the contract documents of Sky. If you have logged in with the Sky account, the area is called "My Sky". In the lower portion of the range, the "Device Manager" will be held. There, all previously registered with Sky Go devices are listed. Have you reached the maximum number of currently four units, entries must be deleted here first in order to register a new device at Sky Go. "Remove all Devices" by clicking in the lower right corner is the Sky Go Device list completely emptied and reset. It should be noted that the complete reset of the device list is only possible every 60 days.

Sky Go Device list: A maximum of four entries possible

If it is necessary, for within the 60-day period, a deletion of the device list. Example, because the Xbox 360 has given up the ghost, and no room for the application of a new device for the Sky Go streaming is, should you call you directly to the customer by Sky.

sky-go-screenshotIn the Sky Go Device List all devices previously used, such as iPad, iPhone and Xbox listed

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