Windows XP repair – how it works

If Windows XP causes problems or the screen remains black, you can repair it. Either you use an XP CD to repair or you make a lossless repair installation, you installed when Windows XP over the existing system over it. Here, your files will remain. We show you how.

video | Windows XP: So you go into safe mode

If you see a black screen and the startup process crashes after a few seconds, probably the boot sectors are defective. You can do this and Windows XP then repair with the following three methods.

Windows XP fix: Start Safe Mode

Before you repair Windows XP, you should test to see if you can fix the problem in Safe Mode - if you can boot into it. See also to the above video.

  1. Starts the PC and press F8 before the XP logo would appear.
  2. Selected with the arrow keys to select Last Known Good Configuration, and confirmed by pressing Enter.
  3. With any luck, Windows XP now starts again.
  4. Alternatively you choose to select Safe Mode.
  5. Here you can uninstall programs and drivers or install that caused the problems.
  6. Starts Windows XP after new.
Starts the safe mode here.Starts the safe mode here.

If you do not come into safe mode or it does not work, the repair installation remains.

Windows XP repair: by boat CD

You can repair by installation CD Windows XP. Here you read how this works manually. The more automated version you see below.

  1. Lay down your or any Windows XP installation CD into the drive and restarts Windows to boot from the CD. Under certain circumstances, you have to change before the BIOS boot order.

    Here you repair Windows XP from the command line.Here you repair Windows XP from the command line.

  2. When you see the blue screen, press the R key to repair Windows XP using the Recovery Console.
  3. start a command prompt, the operating system give to where you want to sign you. Is usually the C: \ WINDOWS. Pushes to the 1 key and pressing the Return key. After that, the administrator password is required. By default, it is not awarded, just press Enter.

    Here you can repair Windows XP by Recovery Console (command line).The Recovery Console (command line) of XP.

  4. Types a fixmbr to repair the boot sector of Windows XP. Confirmed by the Enter key and again with a &# 8220; J&# 8221; and press Enter.
  5. Waiting to return C: \ WINDOWS appear. now give a fixboot c:
  6. Acknowledges the command and then again &# 8220; J&# 8221; and press Enter.
  7. Typed then type exit to exit Recovery Console and restart Windows XP.
  8. Can extract the boot CD to see if XP boots normally again

If that does not work, you do a repair installation.

Windows XP repair installation (lossless)

Unlike modern Windows operating systems Windows XP you can install over it over an existing Windows XP. This corrupt system files are replaced, but your own files are retained. First you should nevertheless make a backup of your data, if possible: Windows XP Backup: back up data for the upgrade.

Danger: In the process, all installed updates are overwritten. Ye must then reinstall it. If you have not installed Service Pack 2, you may lose data.

  1. Boot from the XP installation CD, as described in the upper guide.
  2. In the blue screen, you press this time ENTER to install Windows XP.

    Here, the repair installation can be started.Here, the repair installation can be started.

  3. Presses the F8 key to accept the license agreement if you agree.

    With the R key existing XP installation is repaired.With the R key existing XP installation is repaired.

  4. Below selects her your defective windows XP installation.
  5. Presses the R key to repair this.
  6. Here, you will after the product key again in demand.
  7. Followed the instructions on the screen and Windows XP then restarts.
  8. Do not forget the CD from the drive to take.

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