Day of the Tentacle: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

Adventure nostalgics have anno 1993 may experience a crazy adventure with Day of the Tentacle, in which you had to solve with three characters different time travel mystery. In the remastered version for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita you are allowed the game again relive in aufgehübschter cartoon graphics. What trophies and achievements has to offer game, you read here.

Day of the Tentacle RemastereddownloadQR codeDay of the Tentacle RemasteredDeveloper: Double Fine ProductionsPrice: € 14.99

Besides Maniac Mansion Day of the Tentacle the most famous adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Lucas Arts Studios. in the January 2017 players can on the PS4 with active PlayStation Plus subscription download the remastered version even free. We take you with our Guide to all the trophies and achievements.

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Day of the Tentacle Remastered: Trophies and achievements at a glance

Overall, you can in the game 58 Achievements and trophies unlock. Here, you get Achievements, if you mastered the tricky puzzles or about the classic Maniac Mansion plays hiding as a play in the game. All Trophies and achievements with their activation conditions You can extract the following table.

Day of the Tentacle: Here goes&# 039; s the complete solution with all the Achievements!

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret trophies and achievements in a separate table below.
Switches all other trophies in the game.
number 1number 1silver-final
Activated Hoagies Chron-o-John.
number 2number 2silver-final
Activated LaVernes Chron-o-John.
toilet flushtoilet flushsilver-final
Worried a diamond.
new-from-yesterdayNews from Yesterdaygold-final
Defeat Purple Tentacle with yesterday.
mental-endurancemental endurancebronze-final
Plays the entire game without a cutscene to skip.


Day of the Tentacle Remastered: Secret trophies and achievements

torrent of wordstorrent of wordsbronze-final
Look at the entire credits.
criminal record-invaderCriminal record: intruderbronze-final
Finds Fred's workshop in the basement.
criminal record-safe crackerCriminal record: safecrackerbronze-final
Open the safe.
criminal record-cheaterCriminal record: cheaterbronze-final
Harold disqualified.
criminal record-vandalCriminal record: Vandalbronze-final
Slits Oozo on.
criminal record-conCriminal record: fraudstersbronze-final
Tried to amend the contract with TIP-EX.
criminal record-counterfeiterCriminal record: Counterfeitersbronze-final
Attempts to sign the contract with the spring itself.
criminal record-thiefCriminal: Thiefbronze-final
Collect 15 items, which you do not belong.
criminal record-kleptomaniacCriminal record: kleptomaniacbronze-final
Collect 30 items, which you do not belong.
criminal record-adventure-expertCriminal record: Adventure Expertbronze-final
Collect 45 items, which you do not belong.
plumber mastermaster plumberbronze-final
Rinsed 50 items through time.
hardworking-aushilfehardworking temporary helpbronze-final
Worried you a job.
just-hoagie-can-a-tree-createdOnly Hoagie can make a treebronze-final
Creates a cherry tree.
just-george-can-a-tree-destroyingOnly George can destroy a treebronze-final
Destroyed a cherry tree.
a-tentacle-in-windA tentacle in the windbronze-final
Changes the flag.
the-want-a-hint-beThat should be a clue?bronze-final
Tried to wash the dirty car with the brush.
real-obviousReal clear&# 8230;bronze-final
Let it rain.
No-bags-before-the-doorNo bags outside the doorbronze-final
Closes a door.
Collect all six Novelty Item.
Santa ClausSanta Clausbronze-final
Climb with all three characters through the chimney.
is-already-carnivalIt's Carnival?bronze-final
Let Laverne put the costume.
Manufactures vinegar.
it-was-is-everythingBeing there is everythingbronze-final
Take part in the beauty contest for men.
either win-gum-chewing or-Either chew gum or winbronze-final
Laverne used during the show people chattering teeth with their people.
be there-is-everything-but-win-is-betterThere is everything, but winning is betterbronze-final
Wins the beauty contest for men.
tja-writer-nerds-are-there-was-overlook our LazyWell, our lazy writers have overlooked because whatbronze-final
Speak out with Washington, Jefferson and Hancock.
behind-every-big-man-is-a-great-roadieBehind every great man is a great Roadiebronze-final
Hoagie helps Red just a little while to make a super battery.
the-would-work-willThat would work shouldbronze-final
Hoagie uses the battery in place of the plug with the Chron-o-John.
damn-good-coffeeDamn good coffeebronze-final
Arouses Dr. Fred on.
course-would-he-still-not-the-same-weighOf course, he would still weigh the samebronze-final
Obtain a tiny wool sweater.
please, dont't try thatPlease, dont't try thatbronze-final
Put the frozen hamster in the microwave.
the-need-now-really-not-beThat really does not have to bebronze-final
Trying to put the thawed again hamster in the microwave.
true-yes-I-am-in-a-cartoonThat's right, I'm in a cartoonbronze-final
Creates a skunk.
super suckerSuper suckerbronze-final
Sucks a hamster.
dialogue mystery-are-difficultDialogue puzzles are difficultbronze-final
Bring Fred to sign the contract.
hot hungercravingsbronze-final
Hoagie eating a sandwich.
music loversmusic loversbronze-final
Reached yesterday, without turning off the stereo.
peace offerpeace offerbronze-final
Give the crazy Ed back his stamp album.
Turns the TV off.
statements-in video game historyDegree in video game historybronze-final
Plays "Maniac Mansion".
we-are-all-brothersWe are all brothersbronze-final
Asks the taxman, whether they are related.
are-you-my-mummyAre you my mummy?bronze-final
Let all three characters with the dead cousin Ted talk.
the-joke-is-never-oldThe joke never gets oldbronze-final
Sprayed five different people with magic ink.
I-hate-pinkI hate pink!bronze-final
Attempts to mix the color with TIP-EX.
and-then-exploding-the-universeAnd then explode the universebronze-final
Attempts to mix the caffeine-free with regular coffee.
and-then-imploded-the-universeAnd then the universe implodesbronze-final
Attempts to mix the magic ink with the TIP-EX.
the-works-only-with-alligatorsThis only works with alligatorsbronze-final
Tried to flush the hamster down the toilet.
the-would-he-ever-noticeHe would never noticebronze-final
Trying to exchange the text book with the stamp album.
trouble-with-the-uskProblem with the USKbronze-final
Laverne is considering to eat the cat.
extinct-warranty claimExtinct warrantybronze-final
Trying to put something metallic in the microwave.
of-annoying-hospitableThe most annoying guestbronze-final
Rings 100 times the bell at the front desk.
Gart the hamster in "Maniac Mansion". (Do not try this at home!)

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