Total War – Warhammer: The Dwarves – Guide and Tips

The dwarfs are among the good fractions in Total War: Warhammer and are due to their defensive strength, especially for newcomers. In our guide we give you to useful tips on how you should play the dwarves and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

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Dwarfs are characterized by good defensive and rely mainly on infantry and firepower. You do not own a horse, but they have a really excellent infantry shooter and also a powerful artillery. Their weakness in magic, they make up for in their flying machines and gyrocopter with which they enforce enemies from the air. In our guide, we give you Tips for Dwarves faction.

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Total War &# 8211; Warhammer: Guide to the dwarfs

Among the commanders of the dwarfs are only melee, all of which have very similar capabilities. It is not so crucial, therefore, who do you choose here. Among the heroes also find melee and supporters. The Runesmith is the only one who can perform their magic attacks also with where he should act more supportive here.

The commander of the Dwarves: Thorgrim Grudge Bearer and Ungrim Ironfist.The commander of the Dwarves: Thorgrim Grudge Bearer and Ungrim Ironfist.

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Commander of the dwarves:

Thorgrim Grudgebearer

  • Mighty gray-bearded melee.

Ungrim Eisenfaust

  • Also a strong melee, only this time with a red beard.

The commander of the Dwarves

Strengths of the Dwarves

  • Dwarves are particularly suitable for long-distance battle with crossbows, rifles and muskets thunder. Compared to other nations rangers keeping namely in close combat some out. Flamethrowers and explosives they have additional options here.
  • Provide it with your ranged troops on tactically, can already suffocating from the outset in the bud their dogfighting.
  • The units of the combat infantry are gone solid across the board and well armored.
  • Take in the fight against monsters always Slayer with, these ones are particularly effective and compensate for the disadvantage that dwarfs have no spears.
  • The front of the dwarves should always consist of a few close combat regiments, in whose back you collect the full force of your ranged DPS.
  • The artillery fire is extremely strong and can be further improved by heroes. Flamethrowers and organ guns they are also effective in the short to medium distances.
  • Gyrocopter it uses against the Empire most effective. In the fight against ground targets they come into their own as they are other air units usually inferior.
  • Dwarves are well armored and kill with anti-tank weapons effectively.
Particularly well against ground targets: the gyrocopter.Particularly well against ground targets: the gyrocopter.

Weaknesses of the Dwarves

  • Dwarves move very slowly due to their short legs over the battlefield.
  • To rapid advances of enemy cavalry they see no land.
  • The fast spider and Wolfsreiter Greenskin provide the dwarfs with major problems. This should be a priority for the rangers.
  • Except for the Runesmith the dwarves do not magically gifted units.
  • With air units can attack the slow dwarfs good and the gyrocopter are here not a big obstacle.

Best tactics against the Empire

  • The men of the Empire have similar to the dwarves on very good artillery and represent an additional threat to the slow dwarves with their cavalry troops are.
  • Therefore, the best tactic for the dwarves against the Empire is to defeat them with the help of strong Dwarven economy.
  • So can find many other people groups that are the empire against hostile also promote and so let them fight for you.
  • The poor starting position of the people and their weaker economy are for the dwarfs represent the advantage they need to keep them without hostilities in check.

Best tactics against the Greenskin

  • The Greenskin represent in many ways the exact opposite of the dwarfs is. Orcs always act offensively, are strong in close combat, their armies are huge, but their morale low.
  • Keep these points in the fight always in mind and makes your tactics respond.
  • Even the slowest units of Orcs are even faster than that of the dwarfs. They are therefore often surround you, the more important it is for the dwarves to keep the lineup.
  • An attack by the orcs will not you can escape. Let them therefore come and smite with full force.
  • They will wear themselves out on your front and you can quickly break their morale and fight back them.

Best tactics against the Vampire Counts

  • Vampire Counts are among factions probably the easiest opponent for the dwarves.
  • Although they have magic, discounted units and high morale, but the latter should break times, you can them than any other group on your front line wear down.
  • In addition, dwarves inherently high resistance to magic and psychological effects bring.
  • Vampire Lord must always be close to you in order to harm you effectively and will use dense terrain to escape your artillery. So she tries to always keep at a distance and to fight on open terrain if possible.

Best tactics against the Chaos Warrior

  • Chaos Warriors are a major threat to the dwarves thanks to their strong and tough units.
  • However, they are weak in flying units and artillery, here you can score with the dwarves. However, pay attention to the dangerous artillery unit of Chaos Warriors and destroy them quickly, they should appear on the battlefield.
  • You definitely always units of Slayer in your ranks against the Chaos warrior. These are best done with the trolls, dogs and other monstrosities.

Best tactics against the Dwarves

  • Although rare occurrence, fighting against other dwarfs are very unnerving because two such defensive armies can last long.
  • Key to victory is killing the commander here.
  • It is best, of course, when you may be able to force through your troop movements to attack.
  • Considering also that other dwarves as you can also attack from the underground. So a mountain wall in the back is not necessarily a sure sign.

The units of the Dwarves

The dwarves have a wide variety of infantry. Your army is often limited only to such. In their ranks there is no cavalry, but they have the best artillery in the world of Total War &# 8211; Warhammer. The armament of the infantry is very different. Axes and hammers to guns and crossbows to flamethrowers, everything is represented. The Dwarves are stubborn. Your will is hard to break, and so they have a enormous leadership and are difficult to expel from the battlefield. Unfortunately, however, they are very slowly. The lack of cavalry and the short legs make them sluggish and prone to flankings.

Artillery and gyrocopter

The most powerful units of the Dwarves

  • gyrocopter: As a master engineer the dwarves have gyrocopter, which is surprisingly effective against infantry &# 8211; not least because they have a very high rate of fire to have.
  • Slayer: A Axteinheit, particularly on great opponent specializing is. When a Slayer is killed, he always brings out a final blow.
  • Fire Cannon: The strongest artillery weapon in Total War &# 8211; Warhammer burns rows opponents. However, their coverage is very low.
  • Iron Dragon: An infantry unit flamethrowers, which is very effective against lightly armored infantry. The iron dragons are indeed set up small in number, but their basement damage is enormous.

The buildings of the Dwarves

Among the mountains, the cities of the dwarves collect. Surrounded by stone with endless mine shafts they have many natural resources.

Thorgrim before its settlement

main building

  • Karaz-a-Karak: Through this main building generates their income, receive a small bonus to public order, additional growth and imagine the garrison ready.

Military recruitment:

  • Siege Weapons Factory Enables the formation of basement infantry and artillery.
  • Combat training room: Enables the formation of your Nahkampfinfantierie.
  • Hall of the earth: Extended your army with advanced infantry.

Military support:

  • Armory: Training of two-handed weapons Infantry
  • Technikuswerkstatt: Training of cannons, catapults and technical instruments of war.
  • Slayer Shrine: Imagine the Slayer available.


  • Gerstenfeld: Increases your growth.
  • (Various production resources building)
  • Trade Depot: Important building to increase the trade income.
  • Refectory: Improved public order.
  • Throne Room of the High King: Public order is greatly increased.

The specialization of the Dwarves

  • The dwarves can underground move. This allows them to remain undetected or select shortcuts.
  • You have the largest technology tree in the game, giving them in every way improvements.
  • The magic resistance protecting them from hostile spells and they can not be weakened.

As a people without magic and cavalry, the dwarves have to accept losses. However, they have many Infanteriekräft, strong artillery and are very skilled in the diplomatic arena. Despite the low speed, they show strength and are worthy opponents.

With cannons dwarves clean up from a safe distance.With cannons dwarves clean up from a safe distance.

Addiction you still general support, we'll give you a beginner's guide with tips and tricks for Total War: Warhammer.

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