What is the CDFS format and how will it open?

The term CDFS has several meanings, but all are related. Originally, the term for Compact Disc File System. The CD file system is even today still provided for specific purposes and used.

What is the CDFS format and how will it open?

For users of Windows 95 and 98, the driver Cdfs.sys was still a fixed size. He had to be loaded into the startup files, otherwise could not access CDs you. Today, this driver is no longer important because the ability to read a CD has been integrated into the operating system. The compact disc file system, however, there still. It called &# 8220; ISO 9660&# 8243; generally a separate file system for optical media. Planned as a unifying system for the different operating system environments, it is even before his replacement.

From CDFS UDF is ?!

Hardly anyone thinks about the file format of CDs or DVDs. CDFS and UDF (Universal Disk Format) are more Bohemian villages. But then, problems arise and suddenly you have to deal with it. As you read, for example, in the description of his car plant that it only supports discs in CDFS format.

CD burner as StarBurn can CDFS - they just call it different!CD burner as StarBurn can CDFS &# 8211; they just call it different!

Suddenly one deals with reading and asks in forums and learn that there are actually two formats. Eben CDFS and then UDF. then you look for in his burning program, then there are two formats &# 8211; but no CDFS. In fact, most burning programs use the technical term ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 + Joliet. The latter refers to an extension of the CDFS system that dominates long filenames and umlauts.

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burn a CD or DVD CDFS

The flat meets Described as on the free burning program StarBurn to. If one wants to burn data here, you have the choice between the standard UDF and the still valid CDFS in the second step. Only it says here just ISO 9660 is similarly look at most programs. Unless, however, the target device supports it, you should the UDF format prefer the CDFS system.

Because CDFS can even write with Joliet extension only file names up to 64 characters. UDF supports up to 255 characters in the file name and all sorts of languages ​​and character sets. The path depth is not limited here and a file path can consist of a total of 1,023 characters! CDFS also ruled no really large amounts of data or files. While a single file can have a maximum of 2 GB in size here, the UDF format is making the leap into the terabyte dimension. UDF now dominate most systems. In addition to the already mentioned StarBurn also about CDBurnerXP or ImgBurn.


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