Scary Movie 6: What about a sequel?

What "Police Academy" was the eighties, the "Scary Movie" movies in the 2000s were. Starting with a quite funny the first part of the series was with many sequels and rarely -not plumpen- gags continued. 2013 being last part of the horror comedy appeared. Fans and Klamaukenthusiasten wondering ever since how it looks with a release of "Scary Movie '6.

Of course, the Scary Movie movies are no classic film for film buffs eye, yet the horror film spoof in five previous editions has its reason for being. The comedy movies that could fill several evenings with laughter have to build a huge fan base in 2000, since the first part.36257Remakes, sequels, spinoffs: Same content - Better effects?

So far no plans for Scary Movie 6

Specific plans or even an announcement to "Scary Movie 6" does not yet exist. The predecessor garnered 2014 several nominations for the Golden Raspberry, however, played the budget cost of 20 million dollars at the box office more than just one. scary-movie-mask-iStock-185777808

In the Scary Movie movies latest movie highlights were satirized again. Sufficient material and demand on the part of the audience for another offshoot So there. On YouTube can be found, although already some alleged trailer for "Scary Movie 6", this is however only unofficial compilations that have been made by fans. Unlike with Beverly Hills Cop 4 or Snowpiercer no word yet on a possible continuation was expressed by officials.

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The alternative to Scary Movie 6

Fans of the Scary Movie series need not be sad because of the lack of planning to continue anyway. The minds behind the first Scary Movie movie, Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg announced that they want to produce a new parody. The title "Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE = MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue" shows at first glance, in which direction the fun going. "Star Worlds" to parody the new Star Wars movies. Other "highlights" of Seltzer and Friedberg were Date Movie, the turkey of Panem - The Starving Games or Hangover Girls - Best Night Ever. According to Variety, are shooting the unofficial Spaceballs successor will begin in late 2017th Maybe there by then already updates to Scary Movie 6. Elsewhere you learn how it looks with Police Academy. 8

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