Megapolis: cheats, tips and tricks for urban development on Android and iOS

With Megapolis you stands the Google Play Store a city builder in the style of Sim City for free download. Does the game gained its popularity especially as a Facebook game, it's now recover on many Android and iOS devices. To guarantee you dream city can build possible without difficulty and frustration, here are some tips Megapolis.

Megapolis: cheats, tips and tricks for urban development on Android and iOS

Megapolis presents you a landscape in beautiful 3D graphics, the need to pave over her with buildings to stomp your dream city from the ground. Of course, a city lives not only of buildings, so you have to additionally ensure a proper infrastructure. For the infrastructure in the Android game Megapolis provide airports, stations, routes, and sufficient energy supply from nuclear or solar power plants and oil production. The visual presentation of your city should not lose sight of her.

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megapolis-screenshot-1With our Megapolis tricks you come successfully to your city

Cheats for Megapolis?

A city does not maintain by itself, therefore you should not simply play the crazed architects and blindly put buildings in the world. You must ensure that your household budget remains in the green area in the long term. You can pay in Megapolis with Megabucks. If you a Cheat for Megabucks requires that you give the Megapolis currency for free, you seek in vain. ask the developers of Social Quantum Megapolis free download Android and iOS are available. the game is funded through in app purchases. So if you want to come faster to success, you must charge for the premium currency you your real money account.

megapolis hack-screenshotBehind YouTube how-to Megapolis hacks hide usually scammers

On YouTube there are some videos that you a Megapolis Hack promise or Megapolis cheat. Avoid these offers. Here there are only cheats who want to get to your money by Megapolis cheat, you fall into subscription traps or infiltrates Trojan on your computer.

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Tips and Tricks for Megapolis: urban planning made easy

Do you want to stomp out of the ground without a hack successfully your metropolis, followed the following Megapolis tricks:

You starting the game only on, do not be too impatient, but work your way through the tutorial. In the learning missions you can already your first rewards tap in a simple way. One of the first purchases you should place the tax office. In the office you can tax revenues and thus manage Megapolis coins.


As with most Free To Play games you should log you regularly in Megapolis. Log ye in different time intervals one, her taxes collect your building and can thereby make money in Metropolis. Missed it to collect the tax in a given period, you go the Metropolis lost money for this tax period. Other coins are there if you orders completes successfully and production building in your megacity establishes. Although the contracts do not have to be done necessarily for the progress of the game, you should still do it regularly, finally completed quests regularly bring free Metropolis coins on your account.

4961Megapolis InternationalLog ye every 24 hours, you can lower right of the screen to collect a gift. The Megapolis Gifts still contain more free coins or other rewards such. As buildings.

megapolis-screenshot-3Get the Megapolis extensions with new friends

do not rely blindly on it going on, but goes wisely before. As of Sim City known all buildings and houses need sufficient electricity and water. Moreover Keep your water reserves and current capabilities continuously in view. If the supply scarce, its your building project must first set and can not place new homes, but need to first of all ensure sufficient supplies.


Friends: Tips and Tricks for Megapolis

To even faster your dream city to build Android in Megapolis, new Megapolis invites regularly friends. You can the cities of your Megapolis Friendsvisit and there dusting more money and other rewards. The purchase of land extensions and certain friends is dependent on how many friends Megapolis play together with you. Give for these extensions not expensive saved megabucks from, but let your cities grow neighborhood. If you still looking for new friends for Megapolis, you may like to share you in the comments. In addition to the daily visit you can also alliances with your neighboring cities respond to progress better in Megapolis.

megapolis-screenshot-4Make new friends Megapolis for gifts and coins


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