SSL connection failure in Chrome and Co .: solutions and help

Who moves on the Internet, one time or another will receive an error message in the browser window if the page or connecting to the Internet it does not work. One of these problems is presented as "SSL connection failure" and demonstrated, among other things in Chrome on the PC and browsing on Android smartphones and tablets.

SSL connection failure in Chrome and Co .: solutions and help

Learn here how to fix the SSL connection failure.

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This can be done in an SSL connection failure

  • The SSL connection error occurs when a security certificate from a web page can not be found or has expired.
  • The abbreviation "SSL" stands for "Secure Sockets Layer", a term for a network protocol for secure transmission of data.
  • When using SSL browsing is made more secure in the net.
  • SSL connection error appears in the browser, you should first connect to the Internet via your phone, or check on the router or PC.
  • Often the required SSL security certificate can not be loaded because the corresponding device can not access over the Internet on the certificate with the browser.
  • Also an outdated browser version can ensure that the error message "SSL connection error" appears on the screen.
  • In this case, you should make sure that the browser is the latest version on the hard drive with an update.


SSL connection error: Solutions

  • On a related note, if the system date is set correctly on your computer.
  • The security certificate is valid only within a certain period.
  • If a wrong system time the security certificate for the affected computer is not valid and it seems the "SSL connection error".
  • If the system time is set correctly, the provider of the web page must be contacted.
  • Checks also in the browser options, see "Security" if "SSL3" is activated under the "Security protocols".
  • Opens also the section "Manage Certificates" and let you display the rejected certificates.
  • a problem with the provided security certificate might exist here.
  • Despite the SSL connection error, the website can be opened usually normal.


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