What’s Paydirekt and how does the online payment service?

In this guide, we deal with the new online payment service Paydirekt. How secure is the service? What are the advantages? Under what conditions can pay with Paydirekt? These are the questions we will explore below. 

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If you belong to the people who shut their online banking in general, you can right here reading stop because Paydirekt is only bank customers, who are registered for online banking. For you might be a suitable alternative Amazon Payments, on the you can read more with us.

What's Paydirekt?

In 2005, the online payment service PayPal came on the market, trying to PayPal to make serious competition. As well as PayPal is Paydirekt an amalgamation of various banks, with which you can use your checking account to pay on the Internet. Giropay has been established for many years in the market and a secure, reliable payment service, but the are not allowed due to the non-participation of German bank, Commerzbank and Hypo-Vereinsbank about 15% of online banking customers.

So Paydirekt is the second attempt of the banks still play along with the online payment business and rich competitors PayPal and Co. the water. The payment process is based on your checking account and online banking, advertised with increased security since the data stay with you and your bank. The service remains in his performance behind PayPal back (for example, international payments) and is comparable in scope with more immediate transfer.

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How does Paydirekt?

  • You must be signed in to your bank for online banking.
  • Then you need to check whether your bank is involved in Paydirekt. Sparkasse customers remain at this location currently outside Postbank, Targobank, cooperative banks, among others but allowed to play. On the attitude of the savings banks to Paydirekt you read at the end of the article more.
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  • If the bank join Paydirekt, you can sign up for online banking program for Paydirekt.
  • From this moment you can pay using the Paydirekt buttons in the online store and only have to enter username and password.
  • Advantage: The dealer gets not to see your account data, the matter remains between you and the bank.
  • Something goes wrong, you've got to accordingly turn to your bank &# 8211; as the customer service of Paydirekt is to evaluate, it is too early to say after a short time.
  • If you have multiple checking accounts, you can register only one of them for Paydirekt. Do you want to use a different bank account, you must log off you before.

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Where you can pay with Paydirekt?

Even the safest and most convenient payment service is not much use if you can pay with it anywhere. Granted, Paydirekt is still new and under construction, but the list of participating stores is a bit frustrating and not animated necessarily to try the service. Currently (as of 13.01.2013) can pay with Paydirekt her in these shops:

  • Ahr Valley Store
  • alternate
  • Color24.de
  • delta Store
  • diamond
  • d-living
  • Flyers machine
  • Frosch-Laden.de
  • Haribo
  • Knabbershop
  • Knuspershop
  • Kruger
  • Lord of Label.com
  • Markenmall
  • Mars
  • grain
  • Sport-Tiedje
  • Hofkeller.de
  • Torquato
  • Westino

Are the shops where their purchases often? Then you can Paydirekt the service to try even once. Surely this is just the beginning, you will need to watch how quickly this list extended.

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How safe and sensible Paydirekt?

The big downside of the online payment service Paydirekt - the current distribution &# 8211; we have just demonstrated. Another criticism, the lack of optimization for mobile devices at entry, has now been eliminated with a functional App. It is also expected that still connect other banks in the next few months

Experts give Paydirekt little chance to establish itself effectively on the market, because the competition has secured its customer base years ago and it is difficult to change long-standing habits among customers without offering them a significant added value.

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The savings banks initially take part only with some banks and want to gradually push it. Sparkassen-President Georg Fahrenschon made a statement on the Handelsblatt Conference on quite a stir when he had announced on Paydirekt: &# 8220; If someone wants to use a vulnerable system, it is the liberty.&# 8221; To this statement came about because he spoke about the fact that in his eyes the safety and quality of the payment service is not yet mature. In his opinion, the latest encryption technologies would be used and the tests take time. Had it been up to him, the completed applications were thoroughly tested for another year with employees and individual institutions. As bank president, he surely knew what may cause such phrases in the customer &# 8211; considering that the savings banks will also participate in the long term Paydirekt the fact, his actions a little surprising. In retrospect, he explained that he had not meant that Paydirekt is uncertain in its current form.

Paydirekt pointed out that his company is developing naturally with the latest technologies and no vulnerabilities were found in the extensive test phase.


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