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Tomb Raider 3 is the next film that continues the Tomb Raider series and the movies. It starts in 2018 &# 8211; The new part is to clearly rejuvenated, come up with a new leading lady and a complete reboot of the previous story. South Africa is already shot diligently &# 8211; we do the most important information on the plot, the actors and the theatrical release in Germany. In addition, you can watch the first images and the official trailer as soon as it is published.

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The highly successful Tomb Raider Reboot *Tomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, cast of 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider *Tomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, cast have led the way and brought back the games heroine with a lot of action in the present. Similar to function in the cinema this now: The next Tomb Raider film says goodbye to Angelina Jolie and the previous story and takes us back to the beginnings of Lara Crofts career &# 8211; just as in the game Reboot, which served as an obvious example. It starts in early 2018 &# 8211; until then, we give you the following article the most important information, and bring you to the past state of affairs.

Tomb Raider 3 (film) Theatrical release in Germany

If all goes well and the film does not move, the new Tomb Raider movie comes out in the first quarter of 2018 in the cinemas. The theatrical release in Deutschkand is for the 03/15/2018 stated.

Tomb Raider 2018 Trailer and Images

Meanwhile, there are the first pictures of the planned Tomb Raider reboot. Warner Bros. has some photos sexy from the new Actress Alicia Vikander published which sets out the film on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan to investigate her father's disappearance. Has anyone here just Yamatai say?

Tomb Raider Revoot film PhotoSource: Warner Bros.

The parallels to the Tomb Raider games reboot of 2013 are not to be overlooked &# 8211; the following scene could almost 1: 1 are from the first hours of the video game:

Tomb Raider 3 movie Alicia VikanderSource: Warner Bros.

Here, for comparison, a scene from the game template:

Tomb Raider Reboot 2013Source: Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics

A trailer or teaser video for Tomb Raider 3 have not yet been published &# 8211; when the trailer is out, you find him at this point. Since the last part with Angelina Jolie dates back a long time, you can at this point once the trailer for Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life Watch.

180Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life - Official Trailer

Tomb Raider: Cast, actor and director

the cast in the next Tomb Raider film by the young Swedish actress Alicia Vikander in the lead role is given. It supersedes the previous Lara Croft actress Angelina Jolie from which no longer stands for Part 3 is available &# 8211; even if there had been rumors from time to time in recent years that Jolie is yet to return again for the iconic role. Before Vikander several other actors talking for the lead role, including Emily Blunt, Kate Beckinsale, Daisy Ridley, Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Emilia Clarke and Olivia Wilde were.

Embed from Getty Images

Alicia Vikander became known with the film Ex Machina and received 2015 Oscar for the film The Danish Girl &# 8211; so that it is by Angelina Jolie, the second Oscar-winning actress Croft. In an interview with Vanity Fair she revealed what attracted her to the role as follows:

"As my role was offered, I was excited &# 8211; Lara Croft is really an iconic character. I think many can identify with it from many different reasons, but I see it mainly as a role model for many young women. She tries to find her place in the world and to come into contact with their past and future. She also has a great mix of qualities. Tough, smart, vulnerable and it is kick ass "

Another advantage: The new Lara Croft is an avowed fan of the video games that she grew up as a child and teen. In addition to Alicia Vikander ye should rejoice in the new movie adventure on Walton Goggins, Daniel Wu and Alexandre Willaume and Dominic West in the role of Lord Richard Croft.

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Directed in Tomb Raiders 3 performs the Director Roar Uthaug. The Norwegian is a specialist in horror films directed us in the past, including the shocker Cold Prey &# 8211; Ice-cold death. The screenplay was written by the not so well-known author Geneva Robertson-Dworet.

Tomb Raider 3 movie releaseThe video game edition 2013 serves as an obvious example of the new Tomb Raiders film. Source: Square Enix / Crystal Dynamics

Tomb Raider 3: action and plot

As you can see already the basis of the first images the planned movie reboot is oriented clearly on the video game Tomb Raider from 2013. Means: There are no references to the previous films starring Angelina Jolie *Tomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, cast. The story is on the point of reset and told in an Origin Story, like Lara Croft is the world-famous adventurer - just like in the game.

To what extent the plot of the movie from the video game is different, is not yet known at the moment &# 8211; the situation is quite similar in all cases, as can be seen also the previous description of Warner Bros.:

Lara Croft is the freedom-loving daughter of the eccentric adventurer Richard Croft, who disappeared when she was still a teenager. Meanwhile Lara is 21 years old and lives in the chaotic East London where she works as a somewhat aimlessly bicycle courier and Just come by. Hard it decided on their own to create, she refuses to take over the global business empire of her father &# 8211; or accept at all that he's gone for good.

Contrary to his last wish, she makes her way to his last known whereabouts: a mystical grave on a mysterious island off the coast of Japan. Your mission is not simple: only armed with their mind and an iron will have to overcome their own limitations in order to survive the dangerous adventure.

This all sounds very strongly of the plot of the game. Let's hope that the film manages to add something that basis, as the story in the game was relatively thin but really interesting and the premise was playful relatively quickly. On the latest developments, news and new information we will keep you of course to date.

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  • Tomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, cast Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary
  • Tomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, castproduct imagesTomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, castTomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, castTomb Raider 3 (film): Trailer, Release, plot, cast


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