Mobile Phone Branding: What’s this? How can you detect and remove it?

Rummage her the net for a used or new smart phone, you will encounter one or two times on the term "branding". Here you learn what it is in the "Mobile Branding" is what disadvantages this has and whether you can remove the branding.

Mobile Phone Branding: What's this? How can you detect and remove it?

Literally translated, "branding" in German "branding". Otherwise do the mobile operator if a smartphone is equipped with a branding.

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Mobile Phone Branding: What's this?

A mobile phone with a branding has also software technically changed by the provider both visually. By branding the device, the phone is optically bonded to a particular provider. The branded devices frequently originate from contracts and prepaid offers, in which the device has been subsidized. Among other things, the branding is expressed by the following characteristics and changes:

  • Party logos in the background on the device at boot time or off
  • An outer label is no longer used nowadays as good as.
  • firmware
  • ROM memory
  • Additional apps of the provider or advertising apps

shutterstock_197358305Changing the firmware or delete the additional apps in general at branded devices not possible. When new versions of the smartphone operating system often has to be expected with a longer waiting time for branding phones, as vendors check the update myself first and possibly need to adjust the phone branding.

Respects in the description of mobile phones, which provider is called with the branding. This is used by all mobile giants like Telekom, o2 and Vodafone, to identify discounted devices.

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How do you recognize the smartphone-branding?

many vendors provide their devices in addition to the branding in addition to a SIM lock. This makes the smartphone is limited to specific SIM cards, so it can not be used with different networks and providers. Can you find a cheap mobile phone, which is only provided with a branding, you can safely access. While you have some optical changes such. B. Take the display of a logo from another vendor in the purchase, but can any SIM card used in the device - assuming it has no SIM lock. Lest this also: check unlocked &# 8211; Check for iPhone and Android.

shutterstock_99440645You can see a mobile-branding?

  • A simple removal of branding features is often not possible. Pre-installed apps can be deleted, as a rule only with the help of a roots or jailbreaks.
  • To prevent the network operator logo when the device boots, the use of an alternative launcher recommends.
  • A full erase or de-branding is usually possible only by installing a new firmware.
  • For Android smartphones a stock firmware for the De-branding must be installed.
  • Do you have a Samsung phone, read on here: Samsung LiveUpdate allows downloading the latest firmware.
  • Do you want to remove a branding on a Samsung smartphone, you need the free software Odin.
  • In a detailed tutorial we show you how your device can flash with Odin.
  • Do you want to restore the factory settings, you'll find online also branded firmware versions for download.
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