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Simple, angular appearance - that is the iPhone 4. The case of the stainless steel frame is so popular that Apple (or close to) the successor externally unchanged.

The hardware is convincing: the first time has a smart phone called the "retina display", a display with a high pixel density for a sharp display. As not just browsing and texts makes read but also watch the movies fun.

The built-in camera captures photos with 5 megapixels and HD videos that are qualitatively quite good for a smartphone. The phone is thus to always keep with camera. With apps you can edit the photos and provided with interesting effects.

The iPhone 4 has not only one but two cameras. The lower resolution on the front of the handset is meant for video calling - for example through the Apple service FaceTime or Skype.

Thanks to iOS 5, the iPhone 4 is still on the cutting edge of software - the language assistant Siri the phone, however, will be without. Hundreds of thousands of applications in the App Store serve as useful helpers (task manager, currency, etc.), entertainment (Internet radio, books) and as a distraction (car races, Logeleien). The performance of the processor will do just fine for graphics more complex games.

The iPhone 4 is thus still a very attractive phone that comes cheaper than the iPhone 4S. Without a contract, the iPhone will cost 4,519 euros (retail price), with used equipment you can save even more often. Under an agreement, there is the smartphone starting at one euro.

Big disadvantage is that since the fall of 2011, Apple offers only a model with eight gigabytes of storage - that's enough. The sequel offers up to 64 gigabytes, in addition Apple has upped the ante a bit in terms of reception quality, camera quality and performance. The iPhone 4 offers over the recent iPhone 4S has the advantage that can be switched off UMTS - which extends the battery life.


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