How I Met Your Mother Season 10: plans or rumors?

The fan base is large, the mourning after the end of the ninth season even greater. Whole new year has the US sitcom How I Met Your Mother in us by love life around the protagonist Ted Mosby and his search for the mother of his children hearty laugh just as saddened. In Germany alone, about 1.5 million people watched the series How I Met Your Mother, which won nine Emmys among others.

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Therefore it is not surprising that the shouting was great when the series in Germany came to an end with the ninth season in late August, 2014. That the majority of spectators and fans from the end was not thrilled because it allegedly did not pays tribute to the quality of the series, she has earned, made the parting any easier. And despite an official alternative end where but everything will be fine, the longing for a tenth season is great. Find out here what the rumors of How I Met Your Mother Season 10 turn.

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How could How I Met Your Mother Season 10 look like?

Although Ted at the end of the ninth Staffel Tracy &# 8211; get to know the mother of his children and married - there are still historical material that could be told. What, for example, in the years between the marriage to Tracy and the moment at which his children Ted tells his story happen? In the variant of the end, in which Tracy dies of cancer and Ted Robin once again declares his love, one can ask how time goes with them. Come and they stay together this time? Will there be a child? Hopes, rumors and ideas for a tenth season are plentiful, concrete plans, however, do not exist.

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Marshall Lily spin-off

Not only a tenth season brings the rumor mill to a boil; also a Marshall and Lily spinoff speculation. be cheered on the rumors of Alyson Hannigan - the actress who plays Lily Aldrin - even on your own statement after she was in the final season of How I Met Your Mother, the idea of ​​a spin-off that focuses on the lives of Mashall and Lily.. Your serial husband Jason Segel will probably only replied: Over 10 years &# 8230; then we come back. And Ted is it certainly play a role.

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How I Met Your dad

A spin-off of the hit series, there are already - so in theory at least. The creators of How I Met Your Mother Carter Bay and Craig Thomas announced that they have written the script for the pilot of How I Met Your dad. The plot is similar to the original, in which Ted examines the mother of his children: action should the series of a woman who has just been left by her husband and must arrange their lives. Further than this scenario, the plans are, however, did not come because CBS at the end decided against it and the series has not bought.

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