Netcologne Disorder: Here you can find help with outages

There is a fault with Netcologne? Your Internet and telephone does not work? Here you get help and answers about defaults on Netcologne.

Netcologne Disorder: Here you can find help with outages

Your turn your computer on and want to quickly check something, but gets no internet connection? Or your landline phone is dead? Failures come in all telecom operators before now and then. But sometimes it is just a local problem, which you can get yourself under control. First one therefore should be clarified whether only one is itself affected by the problem or a general fault.

Netcologne: If there is a current fault?

On Allestörungen can view users relating to current failures. Screenshot stand: 05/24/2015

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On the website Allestörungen you can user messages display on current problems in various telecommunications providers. The messages can relate to Internet, telephone or TV. Some error messages there is almost always. If, however, is an accumulation of messages to the current date, is almost certainly a common problem with Netcologne before and the disturbance is not due to a problem in the home. Then you can not do much &# 8211; but wait. Typically, these errors are corrected within a few hours.

Alternatively, you can also look at the Facebook page of Netcologne. There can be based on postings and current discussions also determine if you're only concerned itself or whether a more general problem.

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Netcologne down: The can you do

However, if you find any particular accumulation of error messages, it is worth first the problem in your own home address.

  1. The internet is very slow, can have many causes and does not have to lie on the network provider. Our article will show you what you can do about it.
  2. Start your router. Turns it off and waits for a minute, then turns it on again. Often the connection problem is thus already fixed.
  3. Verifies that all cables are connected. Sounds trite, but there are dozens of reasons why a cable no longer fits properly or completely pulled out.

Telekom has created a video by explaining what you can do yourself to fix connection problems. The notes may also be used for Netcologne customers.

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Contact for Netcolognenetcologne logo

Helps all nothing remains, you no choice but to notify as Netcologne and summon assistance from there.

You can the customer hotline from Monday to Friday (8 to 22 pm) and Saturdays reach (8 to 16 pm) 0800 2222 800th

By e-mail can you problems and disorders report or write Netcologne per message via Facebook.




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