Windows 8: Restore Start button – how it’s done

Windows 8 has now been secured but his little fan base since its release. Wen after the change, however, still bothers that there is no start button more can be helped: In our guide, we explain you how you can restore the Windows 8 Start button.

Windows 8: Restore Start button - so's gemacht

The classic desktop, as we recently still know him from Windows 7, the Metro look or ModernUI Windows 8 given way to the desktop as a user interface. So far, so the future, because you can really get used to it. Something essential is missing from the eingefleischtem Windows users but quickly: Windows 8 has just rationalized away the Start button.

If that demands relearning to the new operating system already enough, you can take back with our help the button for the Start menu.

Retrieve 8 Start button with the Windows Software

you had shortly after the release of the developer preview of Windows 8 is still quite cumbersome rumfuschen in cryptic scripts, now several programs allow quick access to the Start menu. Here is a short list of probatesten solutions that require easy installation to resuscitate the Windows 8 Start button.

 Tip: By pressing the Windows key, you can also switch between desktop and so tile surface.

Windows 8 Start Button on Start8

Start-8-iconAfter installing the tool, the familiar Windows ball on the taskbar already appears. The Start menu is similar in function and appearance to that of Windows 7, but both start button as well as menu be customized with supplied or custom graphics can.

Also can be set in the context menu of settings, whether Windows 8 continues to boot Metro look or automatically on the desktop. In addition, you can also define whether the active screen corners of Windows 8 Toggle or should be turned off.

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The download includes only the Demo of Start8. So if you want to have a fully functional Windows 8 Start Button by Start8 must shell out $ 5.

Gallery Start8

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Start Photogallery(3 pictures)Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

Windows 8 start button on Pokki

pokki-iconThe free counterpart, and also still in German, is graced by the friendly squirrels Pokki. Unlike Start8 contrast, the Start menu is less familiar and resembles the Windows predecessor rather less. For this Pokki shines through the integration of Twitter and Facebook in the Start menu.

Even apps have their own anchor here. With a little getting used to but it also copes with the new Start menu in a split second and is always that, what to look for.

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Gallery Pokki

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  • (Figure 4.4):Pokki

More free alternatives to the familiar Start menu are classic shell and the Start Menu Reviver.

Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button

windows-8-1-start buttonWith Windows 8.1, the Start button returns. but unfortunately with less features

As can be seen already the pre-release of Windows 8.1, the next version will by default have their own start button together with the menu. However, the button should significantly fewer advantages and features then still in Windows 7. So not all programs will be selected via the button.

Do you want to get rid of the tile look of Windows 8 completely, then read our guide on how to create the Windows 8 Start menu in Windows 7 look &# 8211; without tiles and desktop start.


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