PayPal: Request Money

Through PayPal, you can make quick and easy payments online. Also at selling stuff you can leave the money book to his PayPal account. While with eBay payment can be added directly to the virtual account in order, there are situations where one must first ask for their PayPal money.

Do you sell something off eBay, for example via eBay Classifieds, or want the money for a food Sammelbestellung get back from your colleagues, you have to claim the amount through PayPal.

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PayPal: Request money - among friends without charges

Thats how it works:

  1. Log in with your PayPal account.
  2. "Send Money" pushes up on.
  3. Here you can right "Request money". Here you are, "Request from friends or clients' money" options and click "account" to choose from.
  4. Give below to an e-mail address or phone number of the person you owe money.
  5. Next you can specify whether you want to receive money from friends or whether a sale is to be completed. In the second case, a fee for the transfer of funds falls on, but then you can also access the PayPal seller protection if something goes wrong.
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PayPal: Request money with link

With there is another, easier way to demand money from friends or buyers. For this, you've got to not even login, but can be to link to. In Account Management you can create your access. For this, you choose a unique username. In the future, it sends debtors simply a link, which is composed of the user name and the amount to be paid. An example link looks like this:,23

The value indicating the end of the link can be freely selected. In the above example, you would ask for 1.23 euros. The link can then be sent multiple times. Will you each get 5 euros by PayPal of three friends, just send the same link to the appropriate people and ends with / 5th They must log into their PayPal account after clicking on the link and perform the payment.

PayPal: Request Money

As always with PayPal, however, you should look twice and three times in this case.

  • Are you getting a link, speak ye with the person, whether he has actually sent the link.
  • Also links can be forged in order to obtain access to your PayPay login information.
  • After clicking on the links should be "" in the address bar.


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