FIFA 18: All pack prices for FIFA Points and FUT packs

The prices for the sets or packs in FIFA 18 have been announced. With them, you can improve your your future FUT and increase your chances of top players. You can you for a FIFA Points buy for real money or directly FUT sets with the said points. We introduce you to tables indicating the real cash prizes and therefrom have calculated prices for FUT sets, because you can not buy directly for money, players packets.

There is a huge selection of sets in FIFA 18. From simple player sets, over consumption objects to Ultimate Pack is a lot here and it happens very easily that you spend a lot of money or even FIFA Points. Therefore, it can not hurt to have some of them in stock and plan exactly which pack as much does. We give you an overview of all packs and their prices.

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Prices for FIFA Points

The prices for the FIFA Points should be great change compared to FIFA 17. We listen to you in our table prices in euros and bearing in mind what bonuses you have by a possible membership in EA Access or Access Origins. Prices are a bit lower in this case. From a height of 1,050 FIFA Points you bonus points get a gift which we have also listed you.

FIFA 18 packs pricesDraw your desired player from the right packs in FIFA 18!
FIFA PointsBonus PointsPrice normalAccess Price
FIFA 18 Pack pricesThese are the prices for FIFA Points.Start Photogallery(16 images)FIFA: The best player of all time in all positions

Prices for packs in FIFA 18

Since you can not buy you 18 packs with real money, FIFA, we have created you a table showing the equivalent in euros, if you've bought you 12,000 FIFA Points. This is the variant in which you have to spend the least money for the FIFA Points. This is a value that must be applied to the individual packs is calculated.

FUT-PackNormal Preisin €Access Price in Euros
silver Pack0.420.37
Premium Silver Pack0.620.56
gold Pack0.830.75
Premium Gold Pack1.251.12
Jumbo Premium Bronze Pack0.620.56
Consumption Objects Pack0.420.37
Gold 13 Pack0.830.75
Silver Players Pack0.830.75
Premium Silver Players Pack1.251.12
Jumbo Premium Silver Pack1.251.12
Gold Players Pack2.081.87
Premium Gold Pack 131.251.12
Silver Upgrade Pack0.420.37
Jumbo Premium Gold Pack2.52.25
Rare consumption objects Pack3.333
Prime Electum Players Pack3.333
Premium Gold Players Pack2.922.62
Rare Gold Pack4.173.75
Gold Upgrade Pack0.620.56
League Premium Players Pack3.333
Rare Electrum Players Pack54.5
Mega Pack5.835.25
Prime Gold Players Pack54.5
Rare Players Pack8.337.5
League Premium Players Pack6.255.62
Rare Mega Pack9.178.25
Jumbo Rare Players Pack16.6715
Ultimate Pack20.8318.75
Get your valuable packs in FIFA 18!Get your valuable packs in FIFA 18!

These are all the prices for the packs in FIFA 18. You can now decide which you want to choose you to have the best start to the new season. You can you also packs with FIFA buy coins, but this is usually quite time consuming and you may be able very good use for the transfer market. How you decide is up to you like every year.

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