Zelda – Breath of the Wild: DLC sparked discussion about Timeline again

The first DLC for Zelda &# 8211; Breath of the game is for a few days on the consoles of the players and ensure already for many discussions. Because it contains information on where the current part of the series could be settled in the Zelda timeline.

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Whether it's a parent record in the games of the Zelda series or not, is first out of the question. For many a player believes to other gamers turn out. And those who think that the games can be packed into a timeline, the teeth on the left bite since release of Breath of the Wild's newest adventure. Why? Because BOTW just not easily categorized properly, as we reported here.

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But what is new, exactly?

As Kotaku writes that Reddit users Psycho Beans has found further evidence that BOTW plays in the Adult Timeline - so in the gleichten timeline, such as Wind Waker. His theory he established with the awakening of new ways that could not occur in the child timeline. In addition, the Koroks dive in the new Zelda adventure on so that it Waker was only in the wind.

Zelda - BOTW: localities for all armor, clothing and outfits

And YouTuber Macintyre has handy hints temporal classification. So will link in the DLC Phantom sheet consisting of Phantom Hourglass comes - also the Adult Timeline.

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All these notes contradict the previous theory that Zelda &# 8211; Breath of the Wild is located in the child timeline. As so often, there is of course no official confirmation of any of the theories by Nintendo. But perhaps all this is completely irrelevant, because basically it's just about having fun at the game. And at the end of each new Zelda title is indeed just a new interpretation of ancient history.


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