WhatsApp voice message quiet or not playable: help for the problem

If the WhatsApp voice messages are so quiet that you present your friends or family members can not understand, you are not alone with this problem. Are the voice messages on the iPhone 7 difficult to understand? If the hands-free feature on your Android device too low? If the audio playback of voice memos is too quiet in WhatsApp or if it does not play until we have tips and solutions for you.

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Why are the voice recordings so quiet at WhatsApp? There are many causes. This also means that your smartphone may not officially supported by WhatsApp. To verify this, just look in the official WhatsApp FAQs by looking after your Android, iPhone, or other WindowsPhone- model. Is not the cause of your audio problem, we have some tips for you.

The following video provides you the WhatsApp video calls:

7822WhatsApp: presented video calls

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WhatsApp voice message too quiet: First Aid

Do you hear anything, if you want to play the WhatsApp voice message? Sometimes you can then use headphones, if your environment is just too loud, alternatively, we have the following advice for you:

  • Are other apps affected? To exclude a hardware failure, you should try your speakers with other apps and microphone *WhatsApp voice message quiet or not playable: help for the problem test, for example, with the voice memo. The same goes for the sender of the quiet WhatsApp voice message, if the problem is on his side. Are all your messages of different WhatsApp contacts equal quietly, failure of the microphone can be excluded.
  • Conceals her or your WhatsApp partner when recording the voice message by mistake the microphone?
  • Is the microphone sensitivity? This makes her an over euere phone settings. When Xperia you find these under example &Sound; # 8220 & Notifications&# 8221; > &# 8220; Additional settings&# 8221; > &Microphone sensitivity; # 8220&# 8221 ;. There, you should the value of &# 8220; low&# 8221; on &# 8220; automatically&# 8221; ask, that your voice messages in WhattsApp work.
  • Found at on your Android device &Settings; # 8220&# 8221;>&Call settings; # 8221&# 8221;>&# 8221; reduce noise&# 8221; or other designations for noise suppression, can you remove the hook here and test whether your chat partner receives your message louder now.
  • If the audio playback very quiet, you can simply adjust the volume of the smartphone increase while the message is playing.
WhatsApp QuietWhatsApp is too quiet, you will occasionally see a hint.

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WhatsApp voice messages can not be played: Tips

  • WhatsApp-settings &# 8220; In app sounds&# 8221; switched on? The checks her by her easy in the app's settings under &Notifications; # 8220&# 8221; nachschaut at the news tones. Here you should tick.WhatsApp_leise_Toene-Play
  •  If your screen goes black when you want to listen to the message WhatsApp? Then you probably triggered the proximity sensor. Because the screen is turned off when you hold the phone to your ear (like a call). The message is then played back through the earpiece of the smartphone.

Help for WhatsApp problem with the iPhone 7/7 Plus

It is sometimes discussed by some iPhone users, whether the problems with WhatsApp and voice memos are a hardware failure that occurs in the combination of iPhone iOS 7 with 10.0.2 or whether it is up to WhatsApp itself. The fact is that WhatsApp voice message is the first 2-3 seconds very slowly gets only louder. Others acknowledge difficulties with WhatsApp voice messages for the iPhone. 6


The following procedure may help:

  • Deletes WhatsApp from the taskbar and then restarts them. You can also force a restart by holding down simultaneously her the standby button and volume down button. How it works with other devices that you read our article: Restart iPhone: With and without power button.
  • The update of the operating system to iOS 10.1.1 has fixed the problem with many users.
  • Do you have the delay problem with the volume, just waiting for the said 2-3 seconds before you speak.

In general, you should always check whether you have installed the current version of operating system and software (WhatsApp) for Android and Apple devices. Just allow you this your WhatsApp-friendly format. Alternatively, you can install you the latest beta version of WhatsApp to test whether the problem also occurs there or has been resolved. We tell you in the assigned link can as save their WhatsApp voice messages and see.

Image Sources: WhatsApp, Inc.

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