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Jeff the Killer is one of the most famous and feared CREEPYPASTA. For years, he drives with a kitchen knife armed his murderous havoc in the vast data fields of the Internet. We say here you what story the figure is based on whether there are real references and what about a movie. We also ask who is Jane the Killer and how it is to Jeff. 

Jeff the Killer is for other Creepypastapersönlichkeiten in nothing &# 8211; whether Slender Man, Laughing Jack Eyeless Jack or Ben Drowned. armed with a kitchen knife he moved at night through the area and looking for suitable victims. His disfigured face with the manic exaggerated laughter does their future. His trademark also means that he kills his victims at night and before, "Go to sleep!" Whispers in their ears. But what has become an obsessive about killing an innocent young man from young people?

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Jeff the Killer: Origin and Story

Its origin takes the myth almost 10 years ago in 2008 with a YouTube video that a user with the pseudonym &Sesseur; # 8220&# 8221; uploaded. also four years later, a user named Sesseur published a geupdatete version of the video on

When it comes to the question of how was from Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer exist two different stories:

  • The original version is also shorter and less harmful: Jeff slips on soap when cleaning his bathtub. Here, his face gets somehow into contact with acid. His neighbors who hear the cries of pain, take him to hospital. After that, not only his face is disfigured, his character has changed - Jeff the Killer was born.
  • The second version is the official version considered:
    Jeff - 13 Years Old &# 8211; and his family move to a new neighborhood. When he and his brother named Liu wait one day on the bus to school, they are Victim of a robbery. Although Jeff and his brother to escape, but Jeff is aware in the tussle with the blackmailers, that he likes to do other people hurt. a week later than Jeff to birthday party is invited he meets again the blackmailers and it comes back to a fight. after Jeff killed one of them, he takes refuge in a bathroom. But the blackmailer follow him and follows a renewed confrontation palpable in the bathroom. In the fight there will be a accident: Jeff's face comes with a Bottle of bleach in touch. The uses of the opponent and throwing a lighted lighter on Jeff's face. The immediately goes up in flames and Jeff passes out. After Jeff a few weeks with a bandage around his face in the hospital spent, it is removed. But Jeff discovers that he no longer looks like beforeHis skin is now unusual white, his lips very dark and out of his dark blond hair have become pitch-black hair. External and internal changes, killing he then his whole family and disappears into the world, to satisfy his desire to kill other victims. his appearance He later continued to change: his nose is mutilated, a Glasgow Smile decorated his mouth area, so he can admire his face all the time, he has cut off the eyelids.
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Jeff the Killer real?

Although the story is fictional and has no references to real events, some people believe Jeff the Killer again and again to have actually seen. 2006 occurred in the family Woods a similar incident in Maryland. Jeffrey Woods, one of the sons has disappeared without a trace after the incident and has been missing since. Others claim to have seen Jeffrey early 2011th is officially and clearly confirms it but nothing.

Jeff the Killer: Anime and film

Jeff the Killer is just as scary as popular. Why the fabric so not in a movie convert - that has in Annabelle *Jeff the Killer: All information on CREEPYPASTA-Star indeed already works just fine. The thought probably the director Vitaly Podolyak. Because even IMDb has a side to the film project, it can be assumed that the project really exists. Blum House has on his side even a Teaser trailer released by the production company of Vitaly Podolyak - has created to get money for production - Purity film. Unfortunately, exactly the state of affairs. How far production has progressed or whether there is a release date is unknown. Should change this, you can find out here it. Also an anime does not yet exist.

But what it definitely is, is the book Insanity - Jeff the Killer *Jeff the Killer: All information on CREEPYPASTA-Star, the May has appeared, 2015. The author Neesha N. Nickleson told in how the young Naomi Jansen encountered at a holiday camp Jeff the Killer, without knowing that this concerns him. When the murders pile up in the camp, her suspicion falls on him. Here you can buy the manga:

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Jane the Killer looking for Jeff

What would a male serial killer without his female counterpart. Including Jeff the Killer has a female counterpart called Jane the Killer. But both are not connected something like Joker and Harley Quinn together by mad love, they are enemies.

Jeff was at the beginning of a boy who moved into their neighborhood and to the same school as she left. Jane Arkensaw was also in the events in the bathroom when Jeff's body began flames there. Jane came to him with a fire extinguisher to help, was doing but even fainted. When she wakes up in the hospital, they pick up their parents Isabelle and Greg and their lives went on as usual. Because she was secretly in love with Jeff, she waited impatiently until he is discharged from hospital.

As time has come and they observed his arrival out of the window, she realized that Jeff has become another. She fainted. When she awoke, it was already dark. In the kitchen was on the table a message for them: Jeff invited her to his home &# 8211; her friends would be there. Jane took a knife and went to Jeff's house. When he opened the door for her and she looked into his frigid eyes, she fainted again. Again she was awakened gagged to a chair, who was at at a dining table. Around the table sat her parents and the family of Jeff &# 8211; all dead. Then holte Jeff a can of gasoline and Jane lit.

Awake, she was in a hospital again. There they got a package of JeffA white mask with black eyes and mouth, black gloves and a dress with turtleneck, a black wig with curls and a knife. Still on the same night she escaped from the hospital its name to Jane Everlasting and swore revenge to take on Jeff the Killer. your slogan since is: Don&8217; go to sleep, you won&# 8217; t wake up.

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Whether Jeff the Killer has taken an example of the make-up of Marilyn Manson is not known. If you want to know how Manson looks unflattering, always this way.

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