The best podcast apps for Android

Also in 2016 include podcasts have become a popular means to talk to uncomplicated way or to inform. That ye also ready mobile audio and video content, learn it here, as you can listen to podcasts on Android.

The best podcast apps for Android

For the podcast enjoyment with an Android smartphone or tablet an additional App is required. Which application is any good and confident to use, learn it here.

From the Archive: The first GIGA ANDROID podcast:

5237The first GIGA ANDROID podcast

Listen to podcast on Android: How to&# 8217; s

Podcasts are feeds that provide you regularly with new audio or video content. Subscribed to a podcast, you will automatically receive the latest episode, thanks to RSS Push. Of course, old podcast episodes in the archive can be called. This works not only on PC, but also with a smartphone and tablet. A preinstalled app for podcasts there is on Android devices as a rule not. In the US, Google Play Music already supports podcasts while, in Germany, the feature has not yet introduced. By controlling the corresponding website from Germany, you only get the message &# 8220; podcasts are not yet available in your country. Look occasionally back often.&# 8221;

are usually podcasts for free. For quick consumption, the contents are not usually thought rather podcasts for several minutes, if not take hours. The contents are ideal for recording information while driving to work, to acoustic accompaniment while jogging or relaxed enjoyment in the break and on the sofa.

These apps bring podcasts on Android devices

Thus the podcasts can be tracked on the move, you need a podcast app on the Android device. The following applications are recommended:

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast apps for Android. The design is based on the Android design and superior animation and many useful features. In addition, Pocket Cast provides support for other Android devices like Android car or Chromecast stick. With the corresponding widget you have the favorite podcasts directly on the lock screen. The podcast app is available for € 2.99 in Google Play Store.

Pocket castsdownloadQR codePocket castsDeveloper: Shifty JellyPrice: 2,99 €

pocket-castsPocket Casts is one of the flagship apps when it comes to play podcasts on Android.

Users of Google Play Music quickly find their way due to the similar structure and functionality with BeyondPod. After starting you can already find a selection of podcast proposals own podcast requests can of course be subscribed quickly and easily. Also BeyondPod there at a price of about € 7 in the Google Play Store, the first seven days after installation, the app will be used for free.

podcast addict

BeyondPod Podcast ManagerdownloadQR codeBeyondPod Podcast ManagerDeveloper: Team BeyondPodPrice: Free

Also free podcast Apps there is the Play Store for Android devices. podcast & Radio Addict provides all the important functions and also works with Chromecast. Podcasts can be found both directly by name or via keywords. In addition, there are regular podcast recommendations in different categories. The app works in addition to the feeds from YouTube and iTunes. The screen is a small advertisement place. Those who want to support the developer and wants to hide the advertising in the podcast app can do so via in-app purchase.


Podcast & amp; radio AddictdownloadQR codepodcast & radio AddictDeveloper: Xavier GuillemanePrice: Free

AntennaPod is another free app for podcasts on Android devices. The open source application abandons any large advertisements that could tarnish the listening pleasure. Despite free version is AntennaPod must not hide from the paid apps.

AntennaPoddownloadQR codeAntennaPodDeveloper: AntennaPodPrice: Free


Elsewhere, we show you how you can listen to podcasts from Spotify on your PC.

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