GIMP: turn Scripture edge, rotate and insert – edit text

Only a few clicks are needed to optimally adapt in GIMP writing on your desired layout. You can not only turn, but also edge or bend. We explain how to do it.

40908Winload GIMP texts bend Video

You can customize the GIMP brochure at any time to the layout. The first step is about to insert the desired text. Click this, click the Text tool in your tool box and then to the appropriate place in the picture. Now you single words or sentences can enter. They appear immediately and can be further processed in the next step.

GIMP font turn

The GIMP font can be easily bend by her aligns them on a path:

  1. Selects to the path-tool (B) From the toolbox and sets two points in the image
  2. If you click on the newly drawn line and hold down the mouse button, you can these forms an arc
  3. To adjust the writing on this form, you now have to the text layer with the right mouse button
  4. Chooses &Text along the path; # 8220&# 8221; and even the lettering is realigned and assumes the desired rounding

GIMP font edge

Created your text, as already described.

  1. enlarge gimp_auswahlBy right-clicking on the text layer to open the menu &# 8211; selected here &# 8220; Alpha to Selection&# 8221; out
  2. now embark in the GIMP's menu selections and clicks &# 8220; a larger selection&# 8221;
  3. Selects here a reasonable framework, how big should be the edge of the font (Try, if necessary around a bit, with Ctrl + Z can you undo the action)
  4. Now creates a new level
  5. Fills the plane with the filling tool (Shift + B) In the desired color
  6. Moves the filled layer behind the text layer

GIMP fonts

GIMP font turn

  1. Once you have created your text, choose the Rotate tool (in the toolboxShift + R) out
  2. After clicking on the text you just entered a window in which you can specify the rotation angle opens
  3. Sets and confirms the selection
  4. Then the font will appear already in the rotated form


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