Audacity: save files as MP3

The free audio editor and recorder Audacity allows you to edit MP3 files and cut. However, if you also want to save them as MP3s, the finished project again, the program requires an additional file. So you do not have Always hunt through an audio converter audio files in retrospect, we show you in this guide where you herbekommt the required codec and how you move Audacity to be problem free deal with the major audio format.

video | The LAME encoder

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Audacity is a comprehensive audio editing program, which is open source beyond and is available free of charge. However, many people are disappointed when they want to save their finished abgemischtes project for the first time with Audacity as MP3. Out-of-the-box that is not possible, first Audacity requires that is still the right encoder. This is because certain part of process of MPEG encoding have been patented by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and other companies and will not require a license. With the LAME encoder &# 8211; so desperately longs for Audacity &# 8211; there is yet a free way to export the audio editor MP3 files.

Audacity: export MP3 file

To export your works and projects the same as an MP3 file, you must therefore only add the LAME encoder. How do you do it, learn it in the following instructions:

  • The latest LAME encoder you can download directly from us.
  • The downloaded file must unpack it. Where you do this is up to you, the main thing you can you remember the file path. If you need the LAME encoder exclusively for Audacity, you can unpack in the directory of the audio editing program files.


  1. Starts Audacity and open the project that want to save it as MP3.
  2. Go to File and aufpoppenden menu you click on sound export &# 8230;
    Audacity to export MP3 sound
  3. now selects the drop-down menu of file types MP3 and selects an option equal to the gewüschten quality settings.
    Audacity to export MP3 audio
  4. Click on the Save button, Audacity should now lame_enc.dll demand after.
  5. looking in the window Lame Now you click on the Browse button &# 8230;
    Search Audacity MP3 Lame lame_enc.dll
  6. Navigate now to the directory where you unzipped Lame you. In the main directory the lame_enc.dll should be included. Selects it and click on the Open button.Not compatible: If a warning appears that your Audacity version is not compatible with the LAME encoder, you can download the archive of the LAME project also download an older version.
  7. In the following window you can customize the metadata of your MP3 file.
    Audacity MP3 metadata
  8. By clicking on the OK button the Expo trated process is abgespeicher in which your project as MP3 starts.
    Audacity MP3 export


Audacity remembers lame_enc.dll the file path to. If you want to save projects as MP3 tomorrow, they account for steps 4 through 6th

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