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Microsoft has released Windows 8 with touch-screen support and the Metro interface in the final version as a 90-day trial for all users.

533771Windows 8 Consumer Preview Teaser - GIGAMicrosoft ventures with Windows 8 the big hit. No longer two operating systems for smartphones and tablets on the one hand and PCs and notebooks on the other side to give it in the future, but an operating system for everything. For this, the previously separate systems Windows 7 and Phone 7 have been brought together.

Windows 8 combines Pc and tablet / smartphone surface

The result is Windows 8 and is now available in a final version for download. RTM's release to manufacturing, and is a version that is already shipped to computer manufacturers to preinstall on computers. Therefore, one can already retest all important innovations in this demo extensively. Most striking is certainly the new interface that Windows has taken eight of Phone 7th As there the familiar desktop is now owned by &# 8220; Tiles&# 8221; Tiles mentioned replaced.

Another innovation adopted by Phone 7 relates to the input method. Because Windows 8 will also run on tablets, Windows 8 provides comprehensive support for the most common there processors and touchscreen displays. Windows 8 also seeks to start much faster than Windows. 7 In testing, Microsoft plans to have a faster by 30-70% than in booting Windows 7 measured.

Windows 8 tiles

New features in Windows 8

Behind the Metro interface (correct name: ModernUI) of Windows 8 works &# 8211; hidden behind a tile &# 8211; a largely only improved Windows 7. As real improvements Windows 8 has here a thoroughly enhanced Task Manager and Windows Explorer with the familiar Office 2007 and 2010 Ribbon interface.

The offered download is the final version of the upcoming operating system, as it has already been delivered to manufacturers. Windows 8 RTM can be tested for 90 days. To download the trial registration with Microsoft is required.

Warning: Windows 8 RTM can not subsequently be converted by entering a license key to a permanent installation. Who wants to use Windows 8 permanent, have to buy a new version and reinstall fall.


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