Bitch please: Meaning and more

In the vastness of the Internet to read again and again the expression bitchplease - integrated in one sentence whether as a hashtag or. We tell you in this article, what does this statement and where it comes from. We also look to us to the contexts in which they say bitchplease and what rappers have used this saying popular.

Bitch please colloquially and literally means "bitch please". Depending on the context but bitch means something else please. Most frequently we find the combination of words in the social networks like Instagram or Facebook. And also Memes may bitchplease not miss: specifics Dern known is a meme with the basketball player Yao Ming. But already years earlier rappers Xzibit and Eminem have dedicated the saying rap tracks.

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The meanings of bitchplease

Rarely will bitch plesse in its literal meaning used. Depending on the context and emphasis, these two words have a different emphasis.

  • Expression of disbelief: Bitch please then means something like "Really? I do not believe, "" Please what? "And" Seriously?!?! "
  • Expression of impatience: Bitch please can "come now finally" mean when a person has to wait for another and her throwing at his head.
  • Expression of devaluation: For "Yeah, you told once more" can stand bitchplease.
  • Expression of outrage: Bitch please can something like "So please ... (which you allow you) / (do not even try)" mean when the other says something that is contrary to one.

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Bitch please in music and film

1999 took the rapper Snop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Xzibit the Song Bitch Please , which is published on the fourth studio album No Limit Top Dogg Snoop Dogg in 1999th

Here you can download the track you:Bitch please Snoop Dogg and Xzibit*

2000 took Eminem a Sequel track titled Bitch Please II for his album The Marshall Mathers LP on:

is popularly used the track in the series Orange is the new black &# 8211; more precisely at the end of Season 4 Episode third

2010 then appeared a Meme with the face of Chinese basketball player Yao Ming, the bitchplease brought the term again in all mouth. The most crucial point was his face, which he has drawn during a press conference in May 2009:

Mid-2010 has been a drawn picture of a snapshot uploaded this same press conference on Reddit. Supposedly it captures a facial expression in which Yao Ming could say bitch please.

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