Android set, change, and delete homescreen

The home screen is the control center of the Android device, after all apps and settings can be here over reach. The Android homescreen takes the same tasks, which holds the desktop in Windows.

Android set, change, and delete homescreen

Find out here how you can set up your Android home screen and change as well as unneeded items are removed from the home screen.

Android Home Screen: The Desktop for the Android device

  • To place a link an app on the home screen, press the button next to the Home button and select the top "Adding apps and widgets".
  • Now click on the icon of an app and keep it pressed.
  • The app can now be moved to the desired location on the home screen.
  • Just as you go in front, if you want to change the position of the link.
  • Alternatively, you press on an empty space on the home screen.
  • After a few seconds a window through which new elements can be added to the Android Home screen.
  • To be moved to another site linking, ride your finger to the far right, or left.


  • In addition to apps folders and shortcuts to websites or contacts can be stored.
  • Between the individual home screens to change with a flick to the left or right.
  • The items displayed when changing below indicate the current position and the total number of decorated home screens.
  • The maximum number of Home screens depends on the device. The upper limit is reached, can this not expand easily.
  • Hand you the available home screens not, you can apps aHome or use dxTop to increase the number of home screens. #

Do you want to create fully customized Android home screen, throw a glance at the app Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW). Here you can make without root for their own Android homescreen creations.

UCCW - Ultimate custom widgetdownloadQR codeUCCW - Ultimate custom widgetDeveloper: VasudevPrice: Free 16617Ultimate Custom WidgetStart Photogallery(9 pictures)Android 8.0 and iOS Oreo 11 compared why Android still has ahead

Android: Clear Home Screen

New home screen pages caused her also with the button next to the Home button added. Selects this "edit page". Now an overview of all currently available home screens appear. If a main screen can be moved, this hold down longer and shifts the screen to the desired position. Do you want to delete the home screen, move the home screen in the trash can in the top of the screen.

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